A New Year, A New Semester

Although this is for fall, I honestly believe this also applies to spring as well.

Holiday Break is almost over. The time for classes is almost upon us.

For all of those that did a good job last semester with you grades, congratulations! You did it. All that hard work you did paid off.

For all of those that had a rough semester. It is okay, I had a rough semester too, really rough to be honest.

It happens. Whether it is your first semester in college and you didn’t put that extra amount of work in like you planned(hey it happens to everyone), you are in a slump, and you just let homework slide, you have seniority and you really don’t care anymore, or something happened whether it be job, health, financial problems, or all of the above. Life happens and I don’t judge you for it. I have experienced all of this myself.

I myself have been in the all of the above situations and as a result it really affected my grades. I will talk more on the matter later.

Here are some tips that I can help you out with to learn from my mistakes:

  1. Make a Plan. Get organized! Do you remember that planner you bought last semester? never used it? Can’t find it? Well either way whether you have to buy a new planner or get out the one you never looked at, grab you planner and map out your schedule for the semester, you already (you should have registered for your classes by now) have your classes all set. Here is how I plan out my schedule.

    I color block certain times that way I can remember what is happening what day and it helps me visually see how much time I have left throughout each day.

    I also block out an estimated time I should spend on homework, my work schedule, I plan ahead on assignments and even blog posts.  Yes, I do include planned activities with friends that way I can remind myself not to feel as guilty if I can’t hang out with them

  2. Keep to your Plan. This is obviously important. I understand the desire to procrasinate and not want to take care of things, but this is your future. Do you want to be thousands of dollars in debt and not have anything to show for it?
  3. Get Ahead. If you can get ahead in your classes right away. Go for it! I know you will want to see your friends again and you have missed them over break, but get ahead while you can.
  4. College is your first Job. No matter what you do, College is your first job. Yes, work experience matters but when you are on academic probation because you worked 30-40 hours last semester so you can have job experience, that’s a problem. You really need to find a way to have balance when it comes to working. Many jobs on campus will open up because lots of students (unfortuntaelty) can’t come back whether it is financial or academic reasons.
  5. Make a budget. So you probably didn’t keep to your budget, you may have a huge credit card bill, or you are just flat broke. There really is no excuse. You can check your bank account online now, on your phone, etc. Also even though this may sound old fashion it is still important to learn how to balance a checkbook for the main reason that what if the bank got it wrong. There were times when I would look over my back account and something was wrong, there was an extra fee there that shouldn’t have been there. it was only $5.00 but hey that’s $5 richer than I could have been.

You can have fun, get good grades, and get some sleep during college.               It is possible.

I know a lot of people say you can’t have a social life, good grades, and sleep. For the longest time I aggreed with this statement, but I realized I have been looking at it all wrong.  You can have fun, get good grades, and still be able to sleep, you just have to learn balance.

college triagnle 1college triagnle 2


It’s more like a these triangle instead of a equilateral triangle (the first triangle for those that don’t know). Most of your time should be dedicated to getting good grades. Sometimes you will need good grades and sleep over having a social life. Other times during the semester you will want to have to focus on good grades and friendships because its been a while and you miss them and they miss you. I’m not saying blowing off your friends, but whether you are getting scholarships, surviving on loans and pell grants, or you are a lucky enough to have your parents pay for you, do you really want to waste that money?

I know it is never easy, especially when there are other students that for them college is a breeze and they simply don’t care about their grades. At the end of the day though it is up to you what you do.

I hope you all have a great semester! Study hard & smart, have fun, and don’t give up!

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