Watching a Dolphin Documentary & Dolphin Who!

It is narrated by Davided Tennant and it is beautiful. As a result a new fandom has been born. Dolphin Who. check it out now

Updated: 3/1/2014

This Dolphin Documentary was really cool. Spy In the Pod was  awesome and I can’t wait to see more from it in the future.

What I learned from this Dolphin Documentary:

  • Dolphins can give seaweed to their significant others, like we give flowers. CUTE!
  • They like to get high off of puffer fish.
  • They are really cute when it comes to making friends.
  • some dolphins can swim up to 30+ miles per hour!
  • They Love playing with bubbles! They chomped on bubbles that came up from underwater vents and it was adorable!


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