TV Show Review: Sherlock

The Empty Hearse promotional poster.

Not the actual promotional poster. Fan made by anothermindpalace on tumblr as far as I am aware (if not please let me know) Click on image to follow to the site.

Series 3 Episode 1: The Empty Hearse

Written by: Mark Gatiss

Directed by: Jeremy Lovering

So the episode has been released, my initial emotion:

So I got ready, found live stream websites, got my Sherlock Shock kit together. I was in the zone. I even got to enjoy #gnomeolives #believeingnomeo #REICHEN-GNOME FALL #gnomeolock with the fandom on live stream.

photo 2 (2)

This shirt was designed by Winter Artwork. Click the image to go to their site.

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Sherlock Shock Kit

After watching this episode for the second time online tonight I am very happy to say that I have analyzed it enough.

There will be spoilers so if you don’t want to spoil it for yourself I understand, but I would advise not reading any further than.

Here are my thoughts as the episode is going along, they should be in order:

  • Moriarty in a wearing a mask. Love it.
  • Bungee jump, kind of obvious.
  • He just kissed Molly!
  •  Oh, it’s just Anderson talking to Lestrade.
  • Anderson said, “I believe in Sherlock Holmes.”
  • Yeah why didn’t the police intervene. Huh Lestrade. Want to answer that or have your boss answer that?
  • Poor John.
  • Is that Sherlock?
  • I’m pretty sure it is Sherlock.
  • Mycroft!
  • When Sherlock confronts Mycroft about Mycroft enjoying watching Sherlock being tortured, I saw a flash of Khan there.
  • No to the mustace, funny Sherlock.
  • The noise, the people. Mycroft sounds like an introvert to the extremem.
  • Mrs. Hudson, “It ages you.”
  • “So soon after Sherlock. What’s his name?
  • He’ll jump out of a cake. Making fun of mycroft and tribute to fans
  • OMG the Bow tie. Now he is stealing glasses, and he is drawing mustache.
  • OH God the french accent.
  • John didn’t notice! Sherlock’s face, hilarious.
  • Oh no. Is Sherlock going to ruin the proposal?
  • Yep he ruins the proposal.
  • Watson is angry. Very angry
  • He attacked Sherlock.
  • They got kicked out and oh look he is attacking Sherlock again.
  • Mary doesn’t like it.
  • He punched him in the nose.
  • Mary, “I like him:
  • “Dying to come back”
  • I thought Lestrade was going to hit and apparently so did Sherlock.
  • Moriarty and Sherlock are huddling- what the-
  • They are about to kiss…?
  • Okay its just another conspiracy theory
  • Anderson, “I found the empty hearse!”
  • All those hashtags, that is the fandom exploding.
  • “I don’t shave for Sherlock Holmes.” “You better out that on a t shirt.” Love it!
  • Oh my gosh they are playing Operation.
  • Mrs. Hudson you are awesome.
  • Deduction wars, how exciting.
  • Burn Mycroft!
  • Guy Fawkes. The 5th of November…? Is that the plot? OMG if it is!
  • I love how no one is doing anything about a man being burned alive. Stupid crowd, do something!
  • Oh my gosh people help Sherlock!
  • They were his parents!
  • They are so ordinary. Hey John just said what I said.
  • Not an Underground Network it’s an underground network
  • Are we going to find out about how he died.
  • I really have to go to the bathroom. Must wait.
  • Remember remember the 5th of November. Knew it!
  • Freaking out over train.
  • How is Sherlock going to stop this one.
  • Holy wow.
  • Oh my goodness.
  • I wasn’t in the bomb disposal, I was a bloody doctor. Makes me think of Star Trek.
  • Sherlock better not be playing him.
  • This better not be a trick.
  • Yah, we finally we find out how he did it.
  • Project Lazarus. Brilliant.
  • I’ve got lots of coats.
  • Anderson is losing it. Probably a representation of the fandom right now
  • He tricked him. That’s mean.
  • “You Cock!”
  • “That is so two years ago.”
  • Do you hear the people sing. Love Les Miserables, he is talking to Mycroft which means he is talking in the middle of the show. Oh gosh.
  • Sherlock assessed Molly’s fiance who looks a lot and dresses a lot lie Sherlock and didn’t criticize him at all.
  • All the Johnlock feels.
  • The hat.
  • I think I know who that man is.

As I am watching the show a second time:

I began asking a lot of questions and as a result I actually came up with a few really great theories that will be posted soon that involves Mary and the mystery man. Click here to read more on my thoughts.

  • I love Mary a lot. I really enjoyed her, but I still have a lot of questions about her.
  • All the Sherlock moments were great. I really did miss this.
  • After this episode Sherlock could easily paired with Molly and John even more so than before.
  • My mom’s theory was right about the fall. Really excited about that.
  • I felt annoyed and bad for Anderson.
  • How he faked his death, perfect and very like Sherlock. Nothing out of place.
  • The ending, leaving us wanting more.

I really enjoyed this episode. It was honestly perfect, my only wish was that we could learn more about Mary.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 4 stars

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