Online Quizzes: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

I took a quick online quiz after watching the first episode pf Sherlock Season 3, The Empty Hearse. That was such a good episode, I really enjoyed and I will be going to go back and watch it once more before I review it.  You can read about it here.

The Quiz I took  Which Harry Potter Character Are you?

I Got Luna Lovegood! I was so happy that I got this, I love Luna she is my favorite character.

Click on the image so you can take the quiz too.

Who is your favorite character? Which Harry Potter Character are You? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Online Quizzes: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

  1. aspenlinmer

    What a fun idea. I will have to take this quiz too. I’m glad you got a character you love. What is it about Luna that you relate to?

    1. atmyrenaissance Post author

      I guess out of all her qualities besides the fact that she was picked on cause she was weird. I was and still am really weird. I have had people say I remind them of her too, even though I am not a blonde.

      1. aspenlinmer

        Well, I would take that as a compliment. 🙂 Luna is one of my favorite characters.


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