Knowing When To Quit.

This past semester I quit my first job and I dropped a class (not for the first time overall, just a first at UT). As you can imagine I don’t feel great about either decisions.

Whether you are about to quit your first job, drop a class, change careers or quit one major and switch to another; quitting is hard. At least it should be in my opinion.

Why I think quitting should be a difficult decision.

*If you have a Job/Career*

In this job economy, many people are hesitant and nervous when it comes to quitting jobs. Understandable. Many people have given up looking for jobs at this point and have just decided to go back to school or do nothing at all. The economy is in shambles., Everything is a mess. If you think things are getting better, well I will have to disagree. The rising prices of food at the grocery store and the rising gas prices say otherwise.  But, despite the economy, you have gotten to the point in your job where you can’t take it anymore.  You are sick of of the job, you want to be gone.

Consider this before quitting your job

  • You signed a contract
  • You have been trained
  • It takes time for the company to find people to replace you
  • You need to find another job in the meantime
  • It’s the right (and mature thing) to not just walk out on a job.

*If you are dropping classes or switching majors*

No one wants to be in college forever (save for those students that really do and try to stay, because they are afraid/can’t handle the real world). College costs money, time, and the longer you are in it, the more you stop caring about it. Seriously, I know.

Also you want to be able to have a career, make money, and have a life. I know I do.

Things to consider before dropping a class/switching majors:

  • You will probably have to start all over again next semester
  • You will probably have to take more gen ed classes
  • You spent (insert amount of time) preparing for that major already
  • You can still pass the class if you just work hard enough and focus
  • Will you get a “W” if you withdraw from classes? Will you get an F? Will you have to drop them all?

To know when to quit!

  1. Affecting My (other) Classes
  2. Affecting my health
  3. Unhealthy Work Environment (could go with affecting my health, usually this means on a emotional/mental level. It can mean physical health as well).
  4. Really Bad Management.

All of these all depend on you. I can’t tell you whether or not to quit. Everyone has their breaking point. You just have to weight the pros and cons.

2 thoughts on “Knowing When To Quit.

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