My Theory on Tauriel, Kili, and Legolas

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Most people who are die hard Tolkein fans have had their issues with Tauriel being thrown into the movie. Before I begin I will say she is a Captain of the Guard and we are never told in the book whether it is a male elf or female elf. Seriously, just because she isn’t showing her boobs while fighting doesn’t make her less of a character. I didn’t hear people complain about how much screen time Arwen got in the Lord of the Rings trilogy even though she didn’t show up nearly as much in the books.  But enough with that discussion, onto my theory!

I am going to talk about why I think she is more vital to Legolas‘ character development.

You are probably wondering how does Kili fit into the picture. Don’t worry I will get there.

When we first see Legolas in The Hobbit he comes across as very snobbish, a nasty individual, and he is definitely not friendly towards the dwarves, he actually compares them to orcs (a huge insult by the way for some orcs are mutant elves I believe, I am not a Tolkien expert).

With the interactions that go on in the movie we can see that Legolas loves and respects both his father King Thranduil and the Captain of the Guard, Tauriel. Here we see two conflicting outlooks on life. Thranduil hates dwarves and doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t affect his people. Tauriel on the other hand believes that we should go beyond the borders and help others. She doesn’t look upon the dwarves with hatred like Thranduil does, in fact she has fallen in love with one of them.

Now back to Legolas.

We know in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that he is not as adverse to dwarves.

If you watch the video at 1:53 you see Legolas is holding back the other elves. He is trying to stop the fight with the dwarves. He may not be happy with them, but the Legolas we saw in The Hobbit, the one that said, “I won’t hesitate to kill you, Dwarf” is gone, the hatred and anger is no longer in his eyes. So what happened to cause this?

He had a change of heart.



Seriously though this book has been out for 50 years and the 1970 animated movie has been out for about 40, so I’m really not spoiling anything at this point. Also you should just read the book.

If you don’t want to be spoiled don’t go any further.

I did warn you.


Tauriel dies.

That’s right she will not live beyond the last movie in the Tolkien universe. The fact that she is never mentioned in the books is a big indicator of this. Also Kili dies (spoiler) at the end of the series, as a result we can safely assume she will die as well, maybe trying to protect the dwarf? or Legolas perhaps? Both? Although I believe it would be great if she sacrificed her life for Kili. After all an elf sacrificing their life for a dwarf; that would definitely leave an impression.  Especially on Legolas who loves, respects and admires Tauriel. There is the Battle of Five Armies, so her death will probably occur during the battle or as a result of injuries received from Battle.

Throughout the last story there will probably be more conversations between Tauriel and Legolas about her feelings for the dwarf, there may be some jealously and anger. There will probably be a rift between them until the end when the Battle occurs. Than and only than will Legolas learn and realize that fighting amongst ourselves will get nowhere, we need to be allies. We need to get along to battle the great darkness that is growing.

Since someone he loves and respects saw value in a dawrf ,of all races, than he might begin to question his thoughts (and his fathers) on not only dwarfs, but about helping others. If you truly loved someone would you disregard their opinion or would you maybe try to see life from their perspective? I think he began trying to look at life from her perspective and in the 50 years or so between the events of The Hobbit to events in The Lord of the Rings Legolas had a lot of time to grow and develop as an individual.

On a side note it would also be a great tie to the dwarves as well, an elf sacrificed her life trying to save one of the line of Durin. That is a huge deal. Even if Kili dies, the fact that she tried will leave an impression on the dwarves and maybe help them reconsider their relationship, they may still think of them as an annoyance, and be distrustful of them, but the level of hostility will decrease between the two races.

If you have any ideas or theories on the matter just let me know below in the comments.


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  2. Lady Julie

    Actually that’s the outcome I predicted while watching the latest Hobbit movie. I did not think of how Legolas would tie into the Tauriel-Kili relationship though. It makes a lot of sense and I never did notice how Legolas holds the others back in The Fellowship. You make a lot of good points. I also really like the addition of Tauriel because of said reasons. That and she and Kili are really adorable together and I can’t help but love their relationship and all it’s awkwardness. And I just love how much taller she is compared to him.

    1. Dana

      I agree with you guys about how adorable their relationship was, and that they were able to look past racial barriers. Here’s what I believe about the relationships between Tauriel and Kili, and Tauriel and Legolas. In my analysis, I will allow myself to overlook most of the conflicts between the film version and Tolkien’s canon.

      First, I will start with Tauriel and Kili. I do agree with what others are saying about the idea of them as a couple being a bit awkward. She is an immortal elf and he is a dwarf, who would have eventually died anyway if he survived at the end of the third film. However, my reasoning for the seemingly fast-developing feelings between the two is that the length of time the dwarves spent in Thranduil’s prison might have followed Tolkien’s canon. It’s been such a long time since I read The Hobbit, but I am certain that the dwarves were locked up in Mirkwood for months, which is something the movie does not confirm (though I forget what Bilbo was doing the entire time). If Tauriel visited Kili fairly often, I could see some sort of romance forming between the two in that time period. Also, Tauriel is around 600 years old (since it appears that she was taken in by Thranduil as presumably a child when her parents died 600 years prior to the events in The Hobbit). While yes, she has arguably had far more time to mature than any human/dwarf/hobbit, she is still very young compared to other elves. It may be that she has never experienced romance up until her meeting with Kili, so even though she has had time to acquire a lot of knowledge and skill in healing and fighting, she is still quite new to love. Kili’s advances, then, probably left a huge impression on her since it is likely she has never been pursued in that way, which caused her to be interested in him in the first place.

      The fact that romance existed between an elf and a dwarf may also stem from how young they were. Sure, they’ve probably heard stories about the rift between dwarves and elves, but neither were old enough to witness the war between the two races (forgive me if I am wrong, but from what I understand, the war happened thousands of years earlier), and as a result, they did not harbor that same hatred, which was another factor in how they seemed to overlook the racial boundaries. Also, we learn that Tauriel is more open minded than the other Mirkwood elves anyway in that she cares for the fate of all of Middle Earth, rather than just for her own people.

      Kili’s death hit Tauriel pretty hard because she may not have yet experienced losing those she cared for, considering that she probably stayed in or near Mirkwood all that time.

      Though Tauriel’s character isn’t canon, my headcanon for Peter Jackson’s version is that after the events in The Hobbit, she either died from grief, or, she most likely felt a dire need to get out of Middle Earth from her pain and sailed to the Undying Lands to seek emotional healing before the events of LoTR happened. She was also exiled from Mirkwood, so she really didn’t have a home to go back to, unless Thranduil eventually forgave her. Even then, it doesn’t seem like she would even accept his offer due to her disapproval of his “I don’t care much about the other races” mindset. I don’t believe that Peter Jackson would have kept her in Middle Earth, considering how her close relationship with Legolas would probably have caused her to be at least mentioned sometime in LoTR given that they are both outcasts and there is no way he is remaking that trilogy just to include her. Safest bet is to either let her die or send her out of Middle Earth. I was surprised that she didn’t die in battle with Kili at the end of the movie because I totally expected her to be mortally wounded and dying beside him.

      In regards to the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel, I don’t think that they ever saw each other as more than close friends. There isn’t a way to know this for sure since we weren’t given direct insight into his thoughts about her, but I interpret this ambiguity as a non-romantic relationship. I get the impression that Legolas was more of a “big brother” figure to her and that he was protective over her. Tauriel grew up around Legolas and came to admire him for his leadership and loyalty to his people while he admired her skill in battle (as stated by Thranduil). He probably saw her as a little sister since she was a child who grew up in, I assume, their household. The two also have good chemistry as fighting partners. While Legolas is the voice of reason, Tauriel is more strong-willed and impulsive, which, in my opinion, influences Legolas to stand up to his father and decide to leave Mirkwood. It was Legolas’ brotherly love for Tauriel that drove him to follow her and he obviously cares about her protection, when he tracked her down told her she could not take down the Orcs alone after the dwarves escaped from their prison.
      The scene between Thranduil and Tauriel about how he didn’t want her to encourage Legolas to romantically pursue her doesn’t change my position on the relationship between Tauriel and Legolas. Sure, Tauriel smiles when he says Legolas complimented her fighting. I’m pretty sure any elf in her position would, considering that the praise comes from not only royalty, but an incredibly experienced warrior. When the king then tells her Legolas seems fond of her, she just seems shocked more than anything. In fact, she quickly tells him that she believes he doesn’t have romantic feelings toward her. My theory about this scene is that Thranduil used their close friendship to put Tauriel in her place. Earlier in the conversation, she reveals that she does not agree with his decision to not care about the rest of Middle Earth. He might have attempted to tease her with Legolas’ “fondness” just to crush her (he may believe she is actually the one with feelings toward Legolas) to and remind her of her inferiority and that she is too low an elf to dispute her king.
      There is a part in BotFA when Legolas watches Tauriel speaking with Kili when he is locked up and again he watches them interact just before he sails off to Thorin and the other dwarves. I watched both of those scenes a couple of times, but I don’t think Legolas appeared jealous. Sure, he seemed concerned, but wouldn’t that be natural? He understands that Kili’s mortality would eventually tear the two apart and he wouldn’t want Tauriel’s heart to be broken. Maybe he just didn’t have it in him to talk about it with her, hoping that she’d eventually get over her attraction to Kili in time. That’s probably why Legolas cut in when Kili confessed his feelings to her and told her that they needed to go. I wouldn’t be surprised if he also assumed that the dwarves couldn’t survive against Smaug anyway and that Tauriel would never see Kili alive again.
      Lastly, I didn’t see anything in the films that suggested that Legolas regarded Tauriel as more than a friend. He never made any advances and seemed pretty content to remain by her side as a loyal companion. While the ending of BotFA remains ambiguous in regards to further interaction between the two after the battle, I believe it is possible that Tauriel did not accompany him to find “Strider”.

      I’m interested to know what you guys think about this. I confess, I have only read The Hobbit and none of Tolkien’s other books, and everything else comes from internet research binges. If any information I provided is incorrect, please let me know. Thank you all for reading. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Tauriel wasn’t mentioned in the books because she was invented by PJ (or Del Toro) specifically for the movie. According to them the movie was becoming too testosterone heavy.

  4. Conmoun

    I think Tauriel will die in the third movie and her death will be the catalyst to get the elves to fight in the battle of five armies. I think that is the real reason she was added to the movies. The love story is just a bonus.

    1. justluthen

      Haven’t you people read the books? The battle begins because Thorin is infected with the dragon sickness and refuses to share the wealth of Erebor with those who suffered from the desolation of Smaug. Specifically, the people of Laketown with whom Thranduil and the elves are allied.

  5. Mischa Burchardt

    If Tauriel dies she takes away to much attention from the 3 dwarfs, who also die in the Hobbit 3(Thorin, Fili and Kili). And I will not like the Scene of her death. A Female woodelf should not die for a dwarf. Get wounded and then survives is much better for the storyline. She can then talk with Legolas about her relationship with Kili during the funeral. That would also change Legolas attitude toward dwarfs. If I should see her death or dying, it will haunt me every night for the rest of my life.

    1. Anna Ioio

      I think that if she have to die, she have to die for her kindred, but she will leave as her legacy her vision of the world, a world were it is needed agreement among all the races and not hatred. Then again, she cannot take too much attention, considering the heirs of Durin’s Fate must take the centre of the scene.

    2. myrenaissance Post author

      Her presence doesn’t overshadow the main storyline, it is merely a side storyline. So I don’t think her death would take away from the 3 dwarves. I think it would be a side incident for the dwarves, but a huge deal to Legolas.

    3. Caitlin Cushing

      I think if she were to die, it shouldn’t be in the battle. It should be from heartbreak since it is entirely possible for an elf to die of a broken heart. Maybe after she returns to Mirkwood and due to an unresolved rift between her and Legolas, her death will make this great impact on him; not only will he feel guilty but it will force him to see everything she saw and change him for the better.

      Hey, if Jackson can kill off a character that never died in the books to begin with (Haldir) then he can either keep Tauriel around until then or not kill her off at all. I rather not see her die, though. Not only would I feel it’d take away from Kili’s but I am so sick to death of the Romeo and Juliet crap. I rather just see him die, maybe have her realize how much she really did care about him – or already give herself to him – and have her try to push on for the sake of others.

      I realize it could go either way, I just rather she not die at all.

  6. Anna Ioio

    I would not say that Tauriel is in love with Kili. As far as we knows till now (DoS), she surely cares, but we cannot say that she loves him. On the other hands, Kili for sure fell for her (but also Gimlihad had “coup de foudre” for Galadriel, so it seems that this is not so rare for a dwarf to love/admire elves, after all 🙂 )

  7. Mischa Burchardt

    If Tauriel has to die, there should be a Scene where you can see Varda and Aule preserve her and Kilis melodys for eternity in a star at the Firmament of Arda.

    1. justluthen

      Varda and Aule are characters from The Silmarillion. If Jackson includes them in The Hobbit, he is in violation of international copyright laws which will allow the Tolkien Estate to seize and destroy all copies of the BoFA. Not that I’d object, just sayin’….

  8. Dan

    My guess is that Tauriel will in fact die but not as a result of a wound, but as a result of a broken heart after Kili is killed.

    1. atmyrenaissance Post author

      I have a little trouble with this because she appears to be such a strong character. I think if she was to sue of a broke heart in this way it would be she would waste away- like Eleond feared would happen to his daughter.

  9. Willhelm

    I like how Kili tries to get Tauriel to ‘search’ in his trousers. That was hilarious. Also, I think that the fact that Tauriel chooses to help Kili instead of Legolas really shows that she is devoted to helping Kili and has at least a small amount of affection for him. I do think, though that Tauriel will die defending someone, wether it be Kili, another Dwarf, Bilbo (though that is unlikely), an Elf, or a Man. And yes, ATMYRENAISSANCE, one theory of the creation of Orcs is the corruption of Elves, though toward the end of his life Tolkien grew uncomfortable with this explanation. I’m not quite sure what his thoughts on the subject were at his death.

  10. Nef :)

    Well I have no knowledge about the whole Tolkien stuff, but I have a theory that could or could not be stupid, so here it goes; Well remember in the LOTR that Galadriel gave Frodo the Phial of Galadriel? Well she filled the Phial from her fountain which held the light of Eärendil’s star. I find it interesting how in the Hobbit DOTS there’s a lot of emphasis on stars, lights and purity in the exchanged words between Kili and Tauriel. Then Kili sees Tauriel glowing in that heart-warming scene in which he almost passed out, and then we all know they semi-hold hands enough time to make us go crazy. Either way back to what I’m thinking: so do you guys think that there will be a connection between Tauriel’s death and the waters in the phial that “is the light in the darkest places” I mean Tauriel is the light in the dark kingdom of elves right ? And she does illuminate some hearts.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      Interesting thought, but I think a lot of strong elves may have this ability (I myself am not a Tolkien expert, I have only read half of the first LOTR book and The Hobbit). After all we see Arwen do this when she is trying to help Frodo in the movies. Although I love the light/stars connection.I will have to look into the Phial now.

      1. John

        Arwen wasn’t the one who saved Frodo at the river in the books, it was Gandalf. PJ added that to give her face time.

      2. justluthen

        -Neither Arwen nor Gandalf saved Frodo at the Fords: it was the great elven prince, Glorfindel.

        – With one notable exception, Elrond, an elf could be either a warrior or a healer, but not both. Female elves were followers of Yavanna and were nurturers who fought only as defenders [see Galadriel in the “Flight of the Noldor]. Tauriel violates core canon on so many levels that I’d run out of pixels before I could finish the list.

        -Can’t wait to see how Kili hikes all the way to Erebor with a bum leg in time for the Battle of Five Armies. Because even Elrond wasn’t able to instantly cure Frodo after the Weathertop attack. As I’m sure you recall, the hobbit had to convalesce for several weeks before being able to travel again, and his wound was in his shoulder.

      3. myrenaissance Post author

        I am more familiar with the Hobbit than the Lord of the Rings series and I barely touched the Similarion (working on it:) )

        The pixels comment was amusing btw.

  11. Seabright

    I saw DOS recently and was taken with the relationship between Kili and Tauriel. Unfortunately I too cannot picture them actually ‘together’ for the obvious size differences- although their hands did fit together well. But I’m wondering in the next film whether Thranduil will do something to Tauriel for gross insubordination. Surely he cannot allow her actions to go unpunished – could he even put her to death? She has ignored his express wishes and led Legolas along with her. While he is chasing Orcs Thranduil is likely to catch up with Tauriel and, not knowing if his son is alive or dead at that point, may get quite angry….what do you think?

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      I think he will be learning about her insubordination, he could put her to death, but something may stop his hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if somehow he gets a lecture from Gandalf, for Thranduil has become greedy and corrupt. Even the most beautiful and wise become corrupt.

      I know they won’t be “officially” together, but I do believe flirtation will be high and they will tease the audience with thoughts of them being together (only to break our hearts in a million pieces).

      The size difference shouldn’t be an isue. I like it. There is nothing wrong with having a tall guy and a short girl, what is the issue with having a tall girl and a short guy?

    2. Cody Newton

      I read the hobbit and the lord of the rings.(im12). I think that taureal was a bit much to add. I mean shes a she-elf, red hair, and rebellious. its a bit much. but i o think that it made an interesting story line. i don’t think they should change how fili died trying to save thorin. they also added many scenes to the movie. u never saw the wargs attacking them on the road. im very excited to see how the movie turns out.
      Im also writing a book series that has eight books. THE CHRONICLES OF SAFFARIA. Im a boy not a girl

  12. gingerspice obrien

    In Hobbit 2 Thorin save Legolas’ life from an orc by throwing an axe from his floating barrel. Remember the eye contact after? By hobbit 3 Legolas attitude towards Dwarfs may have softened because of this. He later develops a strong friendship with Gimli, Son of Glóin. Glóin fought in and survived the Battle of Five Armies. Did he help Legolas survive this battle?

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      OHHH! I like that a lot Legolas helping Gloin surviving the battle! Would be very interesting. I like, either that or Gloin helps protect Legolas and as a result he looks semi fondly on the Gimli.

      I do remember the eye contact. It may be one of the many littles things that happen to help begin swaying Legolas from being anti-dwarf. I still think it would take something really big and dramatic like a death to affect him. Especially since he is an elf and elves can live a very long time (unless they are killed in battle).

  13. Aviral Gahlot

    As I personally believe that their is a world beyond the present!! I think tauriel and kili will find a higher love in d story for each other n they both might die as well for it!! But they will b transported to the higher kingdom of god because of their pure love. Would be great to see that!! As kili saw the light in tauriel, that indicates something spiritual nd heavenly thing happening, they won’t die but simply be transported to some place else!!

    1. justluthen

      Ahhh, no. Elves go to Valinor and no one knows the fate of the dwarves. Plus, Tolkien is very clear that Gimli was the only elf ever allowed to go to Valinor, and that was 1) because of his great friendship with Legolas and, 2) because Galadriel pleaded his case.

  14. John

    I believe Legolas was seeing his father become more and more corrupt (“Freeing his head from his wretched body”) after promising to free the orc if it co-operated. Perhaps Legolas felt if his father was wrong on this, he was wrong other items like his anti-dwarve sentiment. That and Thorin saving his hide helped a lot too.

  15. Need not be used.

    ‘Before I begin I will say she is a Captain of the Guard and we are never told in the book whether it is a male elf or female elf. ‘ …if you remembered anything from the chapter when the dwarves are escaping, it’s that the CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD which is a male, is getting drunk with Galion the kings butler. Therefore Tauriel become the female version of him in the movie, and if all they had done only included the captain of the guard being a female, you could say that a lot changes in the movie- especially the Kili romance, which does not and has absolutely no reason to exist because it is as useless as a shoe shop in the shire. The hobbit film makers knee that without a romance, the film would have barely caught up any attention- so they invented a character that reaked of ‘Mary-Sue’ to get people’s attention by mistaking ‘bad-ass’ for violent.

    ‘Tauriel dies

    That’s right she will not live beyond the last movie in the Tolkien universe. The fact that she is never mentioned in the books is a big indicator of this.’ Maybe that’s because she doesn’t exist? Especially since the captain of the guard from the book (which is originally male) isn’t identified in LOTR, therefore there is so reason why she should be.

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      I know she was never indicated in the books. I know she never existed in name or was talked about in the books. That there was just a Captain of the guards character. I know.

      I don’t know how much you read, but I did mention in the article that I have read The Hobbit.

  16. justluthen

    You need to read The Silmarillion which explains the reason for the great schism between the elves and dwarves. Legolas and Gimli hate each other because of an ancient war dating back to the First Age over possession of the Nauglamir and the Silmarillion it contained.

    That’s what makes the friendship formed in LotR between Legolas and Gimli so epic: it healed a centuries’ old rift between the two races. To say their conflict was based on the elf prince “not getting the girl” trivializes both Tolkien’s tale and their reconciliation.

  17. Themano

    As we know, when the real battle starts, many of the good guys are spread at different locations. I think kili and tauriel will be at different ends of the battlefield. They might fight across the battle trying to reach one another, or perhaps just tauriel trying to get to kili. Before they reach each other, they may both get wounded. Fili might die trying to protect his brother. This may not be exact, but you get the picture. After the battle, tauriel and kili could be side by side in an infirmary of some sort, and they hold hands as they take their last breaths together. Legolas might watch this from the shadows and Voila! your theory comes to fruition. Of course bilbo could just get knocked out (like in the book) and Gandalf could just explain what happened, cause that would be SO EPIC!

  18. Roger

    I’ve only just watched these movies this weekend … I’ve held off for a while because, while I believe that PJ gave the LoTR trilogy the correct treatment and stayed very close to cannon, I could not see how a single little children’s book could be converted into a massive trilogy without massive over embellishment.

    Well now … I’m not only hooked at PJ outdoing himself here (I mean seriously – the story IS embellished – but NOT out of character with Tolkiens world) the guy is a genius! … but what has really taken my breath away is a character not even in the books: Tauriel.

    Besides the acting being totally awesome, (how can you NOT see that they are absolutely into each other???) this romance is EPIC! … Kili and Tauriel do the same thing for me on screen that the tale of Beren and Luthien did on paper … For me, even as only a casual Tolkien fan, this totally works … and even as a guy, my heart melts.

    It would mean absolute heartbreak to a great deal of the fan base if PJ does not change the story a little at the end so that BOTH manage to survive … None of the dwarves from The Hobbit – save Gloins son Gimli (present in The Hobbit only by his fathers mention) feature in LoTR alive or dead … so why does Tauriel need to be mentioned there anyway?? …

    Killing off popular characters central to a storyline never really works (and lets face it, rightly or wrongly these two are now very much central focus to a huge part of the movie fan base!) … The Divergent Trilogy (Books) was a excellent case in point … great momentum though the series, fantastic character development … only to have the MAIN character die at the end … annnnnnd we all lost interest ….

    Surely it would not be such a blight on Tolkien cannon if these two got their ‘Happily ever after’ since they have no bearing on future events?? Surely Legolas upon seeing this love grow and mature over time could have begun to have a deeper understanding and grudging respect for the Dwarves?? … Perhaps thats why he reacted the way he did??

    Just a thought …

    1. myrenaissance Post author

      While I can see PJ adding characters and changing their roles slightly- I can’t see him keeping a character alive that originally died in the books. Also I forgt his name(elf character) , but he appeared in both the fellowship and two towers- he wasn’t in books originally and he died. He played a very small role. I could be wrong, not as familiar with the LOTR series as I am the hobbit.

      1. Kai

        Haldir, warden of Lothlorien. You are correct, in the books he never goes to Helms Deep, and he leaves Middle Earth to sail to the undying lands later on when Sauron has been defeated. However it was a nice touch to have Elves help out.

      2. Steph

        Balin was kind of in the movies. He was the one that tried to take Moria, but was killed and placed in the tomb. Gimli cries over him.

  19. Gdg

    I’d like to kill of Arwen, myself – she made me hate the end of LOTR because a bad take on romance is best to be left out entirely, and she was the worst thing to happen to that movie – no chemistry for a supposedly epic romance – yuck!!! Which is why the Kili-Tauriel thing (which is sort of an adorable “crush” on Kili’s part more than an actual romance) is so mesmerizing for me. There is an innocence there that draws you in, and brings some depth to a dwarf who was nothing more than a name in the book. As a lover of a good story, I want to care about these characters. I want to care if they live or die, and this little departure from the book brings them to life for us.

    I read The Hobbit (took me three tries because it was quite boring – I only forced my way through because the movie finally caught my interest enough to barrel through Tolkien’s horrid writing style). The book characters were thin, and most of the storyline about Gandalf, the Arkenstone, etc was mentioned in a handful of random sentences well after the fact. It felt like Tolkien threw in a thing here or there because he realized there were major plot deficiencies, so he stuffed in a single sentence explanation. The book was freakin’ lame. Normally, I’d say read the book over the movie – but in this case, run away from the book at all costs! I love PJ’s embellishment and hope he goes all out with the Tauriel-Legolas storyline in the next movie. Keep Tauriel. We need a nice, strong female character to mix things up a bit.

    1. TJ

      I’m sorry that you dislike Tolkien’s writing style. I know it’s not for everyone, but it really is quite rude and unnecessary for you to call it “horrible.” The Hobbit is one of my all-time favorite books, and it is much easier to read than LOTR. You’re wrong, though, in saying that the characters are flat and thin. In fact, Bilbo is probably the best developed character in a children’s book I’ve ever read (and yes, the Hobbit is a children’s book. Tolkien wrote it for kids. That’s why the tone is so light and fun)

      Also, the main reason why book fans hate Tauriel/Kili so much is that in Tolkien’s world elves and dwarfs have hated each other time out of mind. No elf ever would have fallen for a dwarf (who were not as good-looking as the ones in the Hobbit movie–see Gimli for reference :P), and even if they did they would never have admitted it to anyone, ever.

      May I also point out that how on earth could Arwen have died anyway? She wasn’t in harm’s way. And even if you don’t like the romance (I didn’t either, it wasn’t in the book that much and seemed a bit off) I loved how she showed up at the end… it was so sweet, and I enjoyed it much more than Kili’s ridiculous crush.

      I suppose I qualify as a purist because of my views… but hey, Tolkien wrote an epic series that changed the fantasy genre forever; I think his books deserve respect the way they were written.

      *Disclaimer* Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVED the Hobbit movies. Go Peter Jackson! Even if I disagree with him a little, he’s still managed to make an awesome five movies so far!

  20. Michelle

    I seriously hope she dies, it would be the only redeeming factor of her being in these movies. I am so irritated by her I will probably get up in the theatre and cheer when she dies! haha (Ok, so I sound a little crazy…I guess I’m considered a “purist” because I can’t stand all the unnecessary nonsense PJ added to the Hobbit.)

  21. Elvestar

    Just wanted to say that I stumbled across this post and have to agree with a lot of what you said.
    I’m not a Tolkien purist (since I really enjoyed the changes that Peter Jackson made in his Lord of the Rings movies, even after reading most of Tolkien’s writings), but I do believe in sticking as close to canon as possible since the book was originally Tolkien’s work and his own imagination. Peter Jackson has done a marvelous job with both the Lord of Rings series (I don’t like to call them a trilogy, since Tolkien himself said they weren’t a trilogy and the 3 volumes make up a total of 6 books.) and I believe that his Hobbit movies live up to the same standards. [And just as a side note: Tolkien did say that he did not mind if others came along and added to his Middle Earth, as long as they stayed true to the overarching main theme and ideas, which I believe that Jackson has done a very nearly perfect job of doing.]
    One thing I think a lot of people don’t realize though is that Jackson is not just taking the story from the Hobbit, he’s also utilizing the Appendices from TLotR as well as parts of the Histories of Middle Earth and The Lost Tales of Middle Earth and Numenor and a few other books (which would explain where all the extra scenes that many people seem to think are PJ’s own creation come from, and also explains why the Hobbit movies could be broken into 3 parts). For someone like me (who has read through the Hobbit, TLotR, The Lost Tales of Middle Earth, and will soon be starting The Histories of Middle Earth – which make up a total of 7 or so books), I find that to be exciting, as it fleshes out what exactly Gandalf was up to while he was away (something never touch on in the Hobbit but merely hinted at, as mentioned in a previous reply). And while you may sigh and go, ‘Oh no, not another Legolas fangirl,’ I am glad that PJ brought him back to the movies. It allows Legolas to grow as a character and for those who have seen the Lord of the Rings movies but have never read the books to understand just how epic it was that Legolas and Gimli became close friends and that Gimli admired Galadriel (don’t get me started on him receiving 3 strands of her hair, that was epic all on its own and a whole other story).
    Tauriel is also a great addition and one that (as I must agree) really helps to develop Legolas’ character. My minor issue with her is that PJ gives her a love interest which, had it been another elf (though I must mention I would have been horrified if it had been Legolas, as Legolas never takes a wife in Tolkien’s universe), would have been understandable, since PJ must make the movie appealing to those in the audience that have never read any of Tolkien’s books (which is exactly what he did with Arwen, whose entire story lives in the Appendices of TLotR – though she is referenced once briefly in a scene between Aragorn and Frodo in Lothlorien). However, her love interest is with a dwarf, Kili no less. The two of them would make an interesting couple and the flirtation was done tastefully, not in-your-face. The only reason why I have an issue with this is because it diverts from canon. No where in Tolkien’s writings does he ever pair a dwarf with an elf. Now you may say, ‘But he paired Aragorn, a Man, with Arwen.’ Yes, he did, but that was because Arwen has a very special family history (something that only those who read the Silmarillion would know). Arwen’s father, Elrond, is Half-Elven (his brother chose the way of Men). Elrond’s family line is the only line in the histories of Middle Earth to ever see a Man marry an Elf. Elrond’s father Earendil (who is the beloved star mentioned by Galadriel, whose light she captured in the Phial that she gave to Frodo), was the second Man to have fallen in love with and married an Elf and his great grandfather was Beren, who married the Elf Luthien, whom Tolkien modeled after himself and his wife. So, the marriage between Arwen and Aragorn is the 3rd of its kind and something that was unique to her line.
    But I diverge from the main point of my reply. I believe that Tauriel has a real impact on Legolas and his overall character development, though I don’t think it will be sudden, since Legolas still does not care much for Gimli at the beginning of the Fellowship of the Ring. And I, too, believe that she will die in BotFA (most likely trying to save Kili) and that her death, if it does not impact both the dwarves and elves into fighting for a common cause, will at least have a huge impact on Legolas (and would be one of many catalysts in his changing attitude towards dwarves), who at the very least admires and cares for Tauriel, though his father seems to insinuate that there is more in his talk with Tauriel.
    To myrenaissance, I really enjoyed your post. And I’m glad to know that there are others who think that Tauriel will die in this last movie (which will be sad to see since she is overall a great character). And I ask your forgiveness for such a long-winded reply.
    P.S. Just a small fact: Gloin was present with Gimli in Rivendell at the Council of Elrond. And the hatred of Mirkwood elves was still very much ingrained within both Gloin and Gimli. And in the books, Legolas also has a very palpable disdain for Gimli until they enter Lothlorien. It is only once he is Lothlorien and he sees that Gimli admires Galadriel, and Galadriel bestows upon Gimli three strands of her hair (a high honor, considering that in the First or Second Age of Middle Earth, when an Elf, Feanor, asked for 1 strand, she refused to give it to him.) But that is a story best left for some other time and can be found in the Silmarillion.

  22. Victoria Durham

    Wow a lot of opinions I agree with elvestar and justluthen who seem pretty educated on Tolkien I have read everything he ever wrote and every book written about him a lot of the most exciting things in the books are sometimes contained in a one line passage in the appendices there are several extended appendices in some of the other books like unfinished tales 1 and 2 lost tales 1 and 2 and of course the silmarillion the hobbit did drag a bit Tauriel is a nice little side distraction and doesn’t really mess with the end line. I am a Tolkien scholar I myself even have charts and family trees and so many “notes in the margins”People that judge tolkiens works by one or as I’ve heard here 1/2 of one book you haven’t even got a drop in the bucket of this story the hobbit itself only a bit player in the grand scheme the hatred of the elves by the dwarves due to Thranduils refusal to intervene,the dwarves had more hate towards the elves,but in kind the dwarves failure to gift Thranduil with the jewels of his desire which also had him infected a king not in his right mind. Legolas would have to go against his own father to do the right thing
    And then later at the council of Elrond I’m sure his father didn’t send him I’m thinking after all this he was more or less a lot like Stryder on the road. It is not written about the time of his actions during the time between the battle of the five armies and TLOTR as selfish as his father was he would not have sent his only son the prince for a mission like this. And I feel the bond between Gimli and Legolas formed through much hardship and sadness people thrust into difficult circumstances learn to work together or die first for survival then comes admiration, trust then genuine affection

  23. MIssy

    The thoughts of Tauriel dying because of Kili bothers me. Yep, I ship Legolas and Tauriel, but not that it matters. I’d rather see her injured than die thou. But, the fact that she wasn’t in the trilogy of The Lord Of The Rings, there might be a possibility that she would die. We can see the time gap since in The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins seems to be young, not like in TLOTR. Jackson might get an idea to kill Tauriel in the 3rd movie so it won’t cause any complications.

    Still, It would haunt me knowing that Tauriel would die in the movie T^T the fandom will fall.

  24. Kai

    I’m honestly expecting Tauriel to die from a broken heart after Kili dies in the Battle Of Five Armies. There are a few pictures going around online, advertising the final movie, and one of them shows Tauriel seeming to have fallen to her knees in dispair witnessing something – perhaps Kili’s death. In the 2nd movie when Kili yells after jumping in the barrel, breaking the arrow in his leg, it instantly gets Tauriel’s attention. Other than from injuries, an Elf can die from a broken heart. Remember that this does not require one to ‘be in love’ with someone. Recall in the fellowship of the ring, when in Lothlorien, Legolas mentions that the elves are singing about Gandalfs death, when the hobbits ask Legolas what they say about him, he replies that he does not have the heart to tell them, as for him the grief is still too near. I believe this is Legolas explaining that if he embraced the demise of his friend Gandalf, it could potentially kill him. Watching the Hobbit movies, Tauriel is definitely intrigued by Kili, his different life to hers, things he has experienced, such as a Red Moon etc. Yes Kili does seem to be in love with Tauriel, but personally I’m not convinced that she is actually ‘in love’ with him romantically. I think because of her position in Mirkwood, being a ‘lower class elf’ she perhaps has not received much affection like she does from Kili. Dwarves have a short life span compared to Elves. What Legolas might show to her in 100 years, Kili shows in a day. Tauriel definitely cares for Kili, I would dare say she would call him a ‘friend’, which for an Elf to call another person, especially another race friend is an extremely high honor! I personally love the character Tauriel, the only thing that annoyed me when PJ created her was he made her too young. I feel this is where many Tolkien die hard fans frustration are coming from. It has nothing to do with her being a woman, in a much populated male story. It is the fact that PJ made her only 600 years old…….which is extremely lore breaking! Arwen is the last born Elf in Middle Earth, at the age of 3000. Elves stopped having children around the last Alliance of Men and Elves against Sauron (just over 3000 years before the War of the Ring – LOTR Trilogy). Arwen’s full name is Arwen Undomiel, meaning the light of her people, AKA the last born of the Elves in Middle Earth. Tauriel is just simply too young, she should be at least the age of Legolas (born before Arwen, but close to her age). Other than this lore break, she is an amazing character and a great addition in my opinion. Personally I would have preferred there be no ‘love interest’ between her and a dwarf, as the relationship between Legolas and Gimli was suppose to be its first, but I think the direction it is taking, and as others have suggested will help evolve Legolas’ character.

  25. jj

    I Don’t mind the invention of a lady elf that never existed in the books….I do mind they cast the worst actress on the planet to play her…..even my kids beg to fast forward during her parts because she is DREADFUL

  26. Linda Marie

    Over the years, I have had many conversations with my sister about LOTR as she has read the books at least once every few years since they were published. She knows her stuff, so when the movies came out I got a better appreciation for the books and read LOTR by the time the 2nd movie came out. I have not read the Hobbit, though sadly it stares at me on my shelf along with the rest of the entire collection. I am not a fan of seeing/reading a story, then reading/seeing a prequel and put off seeing the Hobbit movies till now. (Just as I didn’t like the Star Wars prequels. Sorry people, don’t hate me, but once I see the middle or end of a great story, going back is depressing for me for a variety of reasons I will not get into. That said…I have watched the 2 Hobbit movies so much this week my family is tearing the Blu-Ray remote from my hands. (The extended versions) I love these movies…dare I say it…more than LOTR? The characters just jump out at you and make you care for them and I think PJ is owed a lot of kudos for this. I too like the addition of the Tauriel/kili flirtation because let’s face it, the world has enough crappiness going on that I want to see someone be happy for a change. I know Thorin dies and it depressed me, but if Kili and Tauriel live it would off-set that death for me. Now I hear Fili, Kili and Thorin all die? Crap, come on. I know many want to stay true to cannon, but Fili/Tauriel could be an exception I’m sure many would overlook. If PJ hadn’t of fleshed out the dwarves so much, I wouldn’t have cared, but now I do. I don’t need mega deaths in movies to make it epic for me. I will never get over watching “Message in a Bottle” for over 2 1/2 hrs just to have the guy die in the last 30 seconds of the movie. From that day forth, I vowed not to watch a movie till I got spoilers. It’s why I won’t even watch or read the Divergence series either. I broke my rule with The Hobbit because I had already heard Thorin dies, but didn’t hear of anyone else. Now I see Kili and Tauriel are probably doomed as well and now I have mixed feelings about the third movie. I do think PJ will kill them off. If he does, I will be depressed and just be happy with the first 2 movies. If Kili is killed like in the book, PJ has to at least kill off Tauriel as well. Leaving one alive to pine away would make it even worse than killing them. I also have to point out that most remembered/purchased/watched movies have a happy/semi-happy ending for at least some characters and hope the third movie has some of that as well. I am definitely not a book purist as you can tell. I just don’t like feeling depressed after investing so much time in a movie.

  27. a

    I think most people share the same theory….primarily because no one thinks that Tauriel is going to survive this movie. Just like we know Legolas, Bilbo, and Gandalf live because they are in LOTR movies, we can safely assume that Tauriel dies.

    Now the only question is how does she die?

    I think a broken heart would be way too cheesy. I mean, how does Tauriel even fall for Kili after a short conversation? How has she been protected and favored by Thranduil for 600 years and literally go from Legolas to Kili in the drop of a hat?

    What also bothers me, all you have to do is watch the trailer and you’ll see Bolg and Tauriel fighting (actually he’s just throwing her like a rag doll), and than later in the trailer we see Legolas fighting Bolg.

    Me personally, I’m a lot more interested in how Kili dies. He’s a character I care about. Tauriel was brought in because Peter Jackson wanted a female character, and than he turned around and put her in a total cliche love triangle, which for me, is more insulting than not having a female character at all.

  28. Mike Rodgers

    Many well-thought comments on the Tauriel/Kili thing and i agree with most of them. i’d only like to add an ancient comment (recently discovered in Elrond’s library) which pretty much reflects a) the basic Elven mislike of Dwarves in general and b) the Elves wicked sense of humor. “Regarding Tauriel and Kili The Dwarf: When they was nose to nose, his toes was in it. When they was toes to toes, his nose was in it.” Much looking forward to “Battle…” to see how Jackson works it out.

  29. Jenn @ Business, Life & Design

    This is interesting, because I’ve been thinking, “Oh, so Legolas will be bitter over Tauriel choosing a dwarf over him and that’s why he hates them so much later.” But you’re right, if anything he hates dwarves more now than he does later. It will definitely be interesting to see which way they take his character development.

    Now, I know people get all crazy about plot changes, but being upset about Tauriel being added? That is ridiculous. They’ve added so much to the book – in comparison to all the council/Saruman stuff, and the necromancer, Tauriel’s addition is relatively minor and, in my mind, one of the better additions. The movies have been so strung out with long action scenes that it’s a relief to take a break from all the running and chasing and I love that they broke new ground with the elf/dwarf romance! I wish it could work out, and they could make yet another plot change so Kili can live, but I’m sure they won’t. It would change the world history too much for the next set of movies. The death I was picturing was the 2 falling together and dying with hands clasped, but there are a ton of ways it could go.

      1. Elvestar

        Legolas doesn’t change his opinion on dwarves until after he meets Gimli. Peter Jackson depicts this in the extended edition of FotR, just before the doors of Moria.
        Gimli: Dwarf doors are invisible when closed.
        Gandalf: Yes Gimli! Their own master cannot find them, if their secrets are forgotten.
        Legolas: Why doesn’t that surprise me!
        There is a similar scene in the book that Jackson based this scene upon, in which Gandalf goes on to tell the two to get along because the Fellowship can’t afford to have discord among its own members.
        Thus, while what Legolas experiences during the events of the Hobbit may influence his actions in the future, Legolas does not change his opinion on dwarves until he becomes part of the Fellowship.

  30. LOTR Fanatic

    Has anyone even considered the fact that Tauriel and Kili are different spieces… not different races, different speices. Elf and dwarf in love… it’s just not possible. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoye the FRIENDSHIP between Legolas and Gimli (which according to LOTR is the most significant relationship between elf and dwarf), but the elves are Children of Illuvitar (as are men) and the dwarves are children of Aule.

    The Children of Illuvitar (man and elf) are created by Illuvitar and are separate from all other races (except for orcs, as they are mutated elfs); the dwarves are created by Aule from earth out of desperation, and given free will by Illuvitar. It’s just not possible for a dwarf and an elf to fall romantically in love. I like Tauriel’s character and introduction to the story… but I CANNOT accept her falling in love with a dwarf. It would be like Gladriel falling in love with a hobbit. Let’s be honest, it’s just not going to happen.

    1. TJ

      Well said! I liked the character of Tauriel–let’s be honest, she was kind of cool. But it was annoying that she was made a stereo-typical romantic figure instead of giving her a real story.

  31. Enza Scoglio

    To me legolas was mad at tauriel not only because kili is a one of the race most hated to the elf but because he would take his little sister away from him because elfs can die of grief so if kili dies tauriel dies to so even if at the end they don’t kill kili he would still die some day so tauriel would to die and legolas would be lost and i think after that battle he new he would lose her and when in lotr we see the finale battle and gimli talks to legolas i new that he was thinking about tauriel and that made me cry because legolas let her go and he lost her but in that he then new that she had a point about them if it she did live legolas the ring would be in the hands of sauron but in his sisters death he was with gimli in lotr and that was important so i say a WE LOVE YOU TAURIEL AND KILI IS CUTE

    1. alexholmgren

      I don’t necessarily think Tauriel would die of grief. It is possible for elves to die of grief of course, I am not arguing that, but I think Thranduil would even more so take her in as a daughter figure since they both share the grief of losing a loved one. More to the point- there are plenty of other elves who experienced grief without dying: Elrond when he lost his wife, Elladan and Elrohir, Galadriel and many others. I believe Tauriel is a more resilient character than we get to see in the movies.


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