TV Show Review: Sherlock Mini Episode

TV Show: Sherlock

Episode: Prequel to Series 3 Episode 1: Many Happy Returns

Thank you whoever thought to do this. Thank you, I needed this after my emotions were assaulted by Doctor Who. Thanks.

If you haven’t watched it by now, here you go. You’re welcome.

My thoughts  on this are very brief, for this is a mini episode.

When first watching this I was excited to see Mountain and a Buddhist Temple and once Anderson pointed out that this happened in Tibet, it reminded me how when in the Story when Sherlock came back he had mentioned he had been in Tibet with monks.

I will say I couldn’t believe the man with the beard that sounded like a conspiracy theorist was Anderson. Even though I still don’t like Anderson for what he did to Sherlock and I am sad that he lost his job, I still for sorry for him. I will definitely have to go back and rewatch the whole series and keep an eye on Anderson.

Especially when I saw his eyes when Lestrade said, I’m sorry he’s dead. Anderson’s eyes, they looked so hurt and upset. Maybe Anderson is smarter than we think and I almost wonder if he secretly admires Sherlock. My question is why did Lestrade say Anderson want Sherlock alive? Is it to apologize?

When I see John in that sparse and empty looking flat, it was haunting. You can feel the awkwardness between John and Lestrade. I felt so bad looking at John, you can tell the death of Sherlock still hurts him. When he is watching the video and the doorbell rings I almost wonder if that is when Sherlock comes in. This is John’s new place or will it be Sherlock all dressed up in a costume and reveal himself in a dramatic way.

I wonder if we will see a part of this episode in The Empty Hearse.

The Ending is what I love the best, the title of the newspaper is perfect! Oh Lestrade, if only you believed!

Can’t wait for Sherlock to come out! I wish I had BBC America and BBC One in the US.

5 stars of course, for a mini episode it was perfect! 5 stars

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