TV Show Review: Doctor Who Christmas Special


Doctor Who

Episode: 103 (Christmas Special)  The Time of the Doctor

Writer: Steven Moffat

Director: Jamie Payne

Producer: Marcus Wilson


Goodnight Raggedy Man.

Last nights Doctor Who Christmas Special left me with heartbreaks and tears for sure.

Matt Smith was my first Doctor for me and though Nine is my favorite, I have been told you never forget your first Doctor and I don’t think I will ever be able to forget him.

I don’t have BBC America and neither do my friends, so we all went to Green’s Tavern which was open on Christmas Day and having a special showing of Doctor Who. My Boyfriend and I arrived at Green’s around 7:30. I thought this ridiculously early myself, but I was proven wrong when seats were already filling up around 8:00. So for about an hour with some new friends and old friends we played Cards Against Humanity.

It eventually became too loud to play so we just watched the behind the scenes footage of Doctor Who all the while reading the subtitles, yah for subtitles!

Soon we were watching the show. Now because it is Moffat I will talk about what stuck out to me rather what I liked and didn’t like.


~My Immediate Thoughts While Watching:

  • OH MY GOD! We have had Daleks, Cybermen, Silence, and Weeping Angels all in a span of 15 minutes. What the hell Moffat?!
  • I would hate to live in the Town of Christmas, I would have no friends.
  • The Crack is Back.
  • What the…Don’t do this to Clara! Idiot.
  • The Tardis has been gone for 300 years and you have been okay with that? I freak out when I can’t find my phone after 5 minutes.
  • What I’m having feels for Handles. I’m having feels for a Cybermen’s head?!?!!? OMG! I can’t- I can’t handle this.

    This was the image I had when I began crying over a Cybermans head

  • Wait what, I’m confused.
  • We are going to see the New Doct- wait its young Matt Smith again.
  • Oh great so I have to see young Matt Smith only to see him regenerate.
  • He just asked to fly the TARDIS?!? Oh God.

Honestly after the episode my brain froze than crashed like my old dell computer.

All the questions I have:

  • What about him dying on Trenzalore? Does that mean he will be coming back here?
  • Were all the silence on that ship? if so were they all inhabited by the Daleks? How is that even possible?
  • How did the Doctor remember the silence were confessional priests?
  • When were the silence inhabited by Daleks, before Clara saw them the first time or after?
  • Where did The Doctor get Handles?
  • What happened to the little boy who was guarding the TARDIS? I hope he didn’t die, but I got that impression.
  • How many new regenerations does The Doctor now have?

I overall thought it was a great Christmas Special. It wasn’t my favorite Christmas special, but I enjoyed it immensely. Between crying over Handles, seeing Amy Pond again, and of course The Doctor regeneration I’m definitely feeling emotionally drained.

I’m still processing it, so I may be posting more about this episode later on. For now though I give it 3.5 stars out of 5. 3.5 star

Hope all of you had a Great Christmas.

Happy Boxing Day and Happy St. Stephen’s Day!

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