Movie Review: Frozen

ImageSo I went with my family to see Frosen this past Friday. I have been very excited to see this movie since I saw this clip on youtube the very day it was posted.


I remeber when I last looked at it Friday it was around 8 million views. They just continue to grow. And I am pretty sure I contributed to at least 100,000 views

Needless to say I think I have at least contributed to 10,000 of the 14 million and growing views. I was really skeptical at how well this movie was going to be in light of Disney‘s recent  disappointments.

There was so much about this movie that I loved. Seriously there was only one aspect of this movie that I didn’t like and it was so small that I can live with it.


Although it has been out since Thanksgiving Day, so at this point I’m not giving much away.

What I liked:

  • The relationship between Elsa and Anna. What a great development of a sisterly relationship. I don’t have any sisters, that I am related too, I wish I did. For once I was really glad that the focus was not on finding true love, but rather sisterhood and friendship.
  • The Prince was the bad guy. I really really enjoyed that aspect. That the handsome, charming, “kind”, and clever stranger is the bad guy. Sends a great message that sometimes the handsome nice guy isn’t what he appears to be. I enjoyed that immensely.
  • Elsa, the Queen (not a princess like Disney has only acknowledged her as at the parks, will soon have a post on my thoughts on that). I love Elsa. I love her so much. I have no fallen in love with a Disney female character since Belle. Would make sense that I fell in love with a Disney Queen. First of all she has magical powers, second she is beautiful, third, she is strong and yet vulnerable, kind, yet fierce. She is complex and that is why I love her.
  • Anna, the princess. She is not perfect. She is clumsy, she stuffs her face with chocolate, daydreams and acts silly. She is also strong, brave, and caring. She goes off on her own out into the wilderness to find her sister. Not to mention she punched Hans at the end of the movie. That was awesome.
  • Kristoff, the ordinary man. He was the real man, it wasn’t all magic and roses when they first met. He was an ordinary man and their love developed throughout the course of the movie, not right at the beginning. He wasn’t a Prince, he wasn’t the typical dashing and charming man. He was Kristoff, but they fell in love with each other throughout the movie. He was even willing to take her back to another man so she would live, that’s true love.
  • The questioning of the quick engagement. I love how Elsa and Kristoff questions Anna’s engagement right away. Disney is making fun of itself! They have for years espoused the idea of finding true love in an instant and marrying soon after.
  • The graphics (yes I know about the hair and hand in the beginning, but seriously get over yourself), were wonderful. I really enjoyed it a great deal and I love the details. I want to see the movie again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.
  • The Music. The Music was wonderful, I couldn’t contain myself throughout the movie. I of course already had “Let it Go” memorized so I was mouthing the words along.

Honestly there was only one aspect of this movie that disappointed me. I really wish there had been more of Queen Elsa. I fell in love with her so much. My boyfriend made an excellent point though that if we had seen more of Elsa she may have been portrayed as angsty and that would have been annoying. Still I wish to have seen more Elsa, although I have no idea of how they would have done that.

Although the stars show 4.5, really this is 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. Will probably be one of the few highest rating I ever give a movie. 4.5 stars



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