What I Want for Christmas

Although I have a long list of things I would like to get posted to My Christmas List board on Pinterest it’s not what I really truly want for Christmas.  My parents always ask and for the past few years they aren’t sure as to what to get for me, so I pinned items I like. In reality the things I want no one can give it to me.


What Do I Wish for Christmas:

  1. I wish for a car so that way my parents, boyfriend and friends don’t have to sacrifice their time and schedule to take me places. I am trying to save money, but other things get in the way. I want to use it to take me to an extra job and to relieve the burden off my parents of having to take me places.
  2. I wish to Pay off My College Loans- The longer I am in college, the more loans I have. I’m afraid to see how much debt I will have and it depresses me. What I rely on isn’t enough anymore and I’m scared for my future. I have to take care of my parents and brother one day, I can’t have this hanging over my head.
  3. I wish that my grandmother wouldn’t be in pain every day- between the arthritis and past chemo treatments I can tell she is getting tired and she is sore every single day.
  4. I wish my dad wouldn’t suffer anymore- between a heart disease, a rare autoimmune disease, and his recent stroke. I just want him to be healthy and not have to live with all that. He too is tired.
  5. I wish my mother wasn’t in constant pain from all the times people have ran into her car and before you go and say it was her fault. It wasn’t!! My mother is a very safe driver and she shouldn’t have constant muscle pain from idiots that don’t watch where they are going while on the road.
  6. I wish my brother could communicate with my family- he has autism and I just wish we could be closer. I wish we could all be closer to him, it feels like a constant struggle.
  7. I wish my boyfriend can find the money and courage to go to grad school- I know things have been challenging for him, I just wish he can believe in himself.
  8. I wish my dog didn’t have lupus- although I am glad we are getting another Christmas with her, we thought we were going to lose her. Still she is old and I know it’s only a matter of time
  9. I wish to not have constant depression and anxiety- it’s ruining my life. It’s starting to affect my schooling, my work, etc. It’s awful and because of my past I have a harder time going to see someone. I just want to be happy. I just want to not feel this way every single day. I try to work past it, but I can’t tell you how difficult it is, it’s like trying to jump over a wall that has no ledges, ladder, rope, or anything to help you.
  10. I wish to have peace with myself- I know peace on Earth is impossible, but maybe if I find peace with myself I could help find peace with everything else.

That is all I want for Christmas.


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