How to Survive Finals Week


The week where you regret every time that you have procrastinated, where you wish you had a week off before exams, and you just don’t care anymore. Yep, it’s Finals Week. Are you ready?

For me I have 3 essays, a portfolio, and a presentation to do for my classes. Even though a majority of them are not exams, they are still stressful and this is what I usually do for exams.

Here are some of the things I am doing (and usually do) to prepare for Finals Week:

  • Map Out Everything I have to Finish for Finals Week. I made a calendar on Microsoft Publisher and than I just did a screenshot of it from the print preview area, because I don’t know Photoshop and all those other fancy software programs. I color coordinated my exams, essays, etc by class. If you need to break it down more I would recommend it, I made this for my desktop display so that way every time I turn on my computer and what I need to do is right there in front of me.


    The seemingly random numbers are actually referring to me trying to still reach the 50,000 word goal left over from NaNoWriMo. Check out this URL to learn more about my first NaNoWriMo experience.

  • Map Out Each day of Finals Week. For me I like to plan by hour, 15 minute intervals. Seriously my planner usually looks like some kid got a bunch of highlighters and colorful pens and had a field day. I also color coordinate by class as well, it makes it easier.This time around finals I have become more detailed with my schedule than I usually do, so I am curious to see how this goes. This is the planner I carry with me everywhere, rarely does it leave my side. I highly recommend you get a planner if you haven’t already, seriously how have you survived?


    My Planner, still a work in progress because of doctor appointments.

  •  I have coffee and tea ready. I love tea in general and although I am not a big fan of coffee, I have coffee creamers that make it tasty for me. The tea will provide me comfort during times when I feel like I am going to cry.Image
  •  Try not to Panic.  No matter how much I have or have not studied, freaking out now won’t help me need  focus. I know this won’t be easy, I deal with anxiety on a daily basis, for me I pray. But if there are other methods that help you use those methods. Whether you meditate, watch bad reality TV, go for a run, or just write. Whatever you do, help yourself calm down and relax.
  • Get lots of Sleep. Every time I hear the term finals, I automatically imagine myself losing sleep during that week. Well I can’t do that. The brain really does need sleep in order for the body to function. Not to mention it is just good for your health. Now whether or not I get enough sleep is another thing in itself. I will try my best to get some sleep though.
  • I need to not procrastinate! I am very bad at this and I am usually struggling with this aspect since I enjoyed reading my own books and writing my own stories versus actually working on my assignments. I just get bored after a while and the internet is a lot more fun than my essay on Jane Austen I need to write.
  • Remind myself   that I can only do so much. I am not perfect, things will happen. I will have moment where I need a break and other things will happen to distract me. And that’s okay, I can’t be perfect and I am not supposed to be. I can’t study 24/7, I can’t make up for lost time, but I can do my best. That is all that matters.

I hope I do well on my presentations, essays, and portfolio I have to turn in. Well I should go back and work on that.

To everyone approaching their Finals Week. Good Luck!




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