Move Review: Ender’s Game

enders-game-cover (1) enders-game-final-poster (1)I remember when I first read this book. I first read Ender’s Game for summer reading before my freshman year in high school. Out of all my summer reading that semester that was the only book I can still recall and I enjoyed it.

I have only read this book 2 times so I will not be doing a book movie comparison so much this time. I remember how it ended and the impact it had on me, so I will be focusing on the end of the movie in comparison to the book. As well as just talk about the movie in general.

I remember when I first heard this book was being turned into a movie, I felt a lot of excitement than a lot of dread. I was really worried and really concerned with how they were going to adapt it to screen. I only went to see the movie because my father said they did a pretty good job of it. I am glad I went, it was a very enjoyable movie.


If you have not read the book or seen the movie don’t go any further.

Okay to continue…

In the book the perspective was completely from Ender’s perspective, you were experiencing the journey with him, every triumph, every defeat. In the movie it is more of a limited God like perspective. It is limited in that sense that you know more than Ender for you are learning what those in charge are doing. Well, mostly. If you have read the book, than you will know what they are referring to, but if you haven’t, you the audience will still be kept in the dark, which they did a great job with, while also hinting that there was more going on than being told, but not being so obvious about it.

That is where the ending comes in, the big reveal. Ender has been fighting the Buggers (the aliens) all along. Even though Ender was really young in the books in comparison to the movies, I still really enjoyed watching the movie and I still felt just as bad for him and his friends when they learned what they had done and how many lives they had killed. I also didn’t like how this one aspect wasn’t portrayed, it portrayed him as a ruthless kid in the end, willing to do anything to win. When in fact in the book, he became so ruthless because he was angry and tired of command school and wanted to be expelled. Not to be made a hero.

What I was disappointed in was it felt really fast to me. I wish they had spent more time on the Ender’s training with the Salamander Army and Dragon Army. I really wish they had spent more time on that, granted it got the point across that Ender was smart, but I wish it spent more time showing the audience his development as a leader and tactical strategy. I enjoyed the development that occurred in the book, I wish they had taken more time with that aspect.

With talking with my boyfriend after the movie he had asked if there was anything romantic between Petra and Ender. At the time, I didn’t think there was, but in the movie it appeared as though there were some underlying romantic feelings. My boyfriend who had never read the book thought there was something going on between the two and no doubt others who had not read the book would think this as well.  Well in the books, that never happened. They were just friends. Come on Hollywood, really! Can’t a boy and girl just be friends. You are starting to anger me with adding romantic undertones that didn’t exist.

They were and are just friends. Also they were both pretty young in the books, like 8.

They were and are just friends. Also they were both pretty young in the books, like 8.

To get the the special effects and visuals, they were excellent. I loved how detailed the home planet of the aliens were, how they had apparently studied insect homes and insects themselves in order to create the atmosphere on the planet.

Also when I saw the Battle Station my boyfriend and I had flashbacks to a sci-fi show that came out in the early 90’s, Babylon 5.

Side view of Battle Station (Ender's Game)

Side view of Battle Station (Ender’s Game)

Front of Battle Station (Ender's Game)

Front of Battle Station (Ender’s Game)

Babylon 5 (Part of Babylon 5 tv show)

Babylon 5 (Part of Babylon 5 TV show)

Babylon 4 (Part of the Babylon 5 tv show)

Babylon 4 (Part of the Babylon 5 TV show)

The main thing was the entrance to the battle station. It reminded me a lot to the entrance of Babylon 5. Click on the 3rd image from the top to get a better look at it.

Also the whole rotating space station in order to have gravity also reminded me of Babylon 5 as well. It is like they combined Babylon 4 and 5 into this ship and this is what they got. I know they don’t look alike, but there are a lot of similarities. And before you go into how Babylon 5 space stations have that 90’s graphic look to them, that is because that show was made in the 90’s. They both also had the rotating space station aspect so that way they can have gravity aspect. I don’t know a lot about the science behind it and I haven’t seen that many futuristic space movies so that could be an old concept, it just also reminded me of Babylon 5.

Overall I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. It was done well, but because I felt like it went too fast for my taste through the battle station, command school, etc.  I have to give it 3 stars. Still very well done though. A lot better than I expected it to be.

3 star


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