Movie Review: My Thoughts on Catching Fire

MV5BMTAyMjQ3OTAxMzNeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDU0NzA1MzAx._V1_SX640_SY720_So I went to see Catching Fire at 11:55 (by the time commercials were through it was a little past midnight) on November 21.  I didn’t dress up this year, I had wanted to, but I had no money to get items to make a costume. I was sad, I knew how I was going to do, I knew all the materials I needed. I just needed money.

This is the costume I wanted to make.

This is the costume I wanted to make.

But instead I wore this,

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

I love this top! I Got it at Forever 21 if you are 3 (2)Chris and I, waiting in line.

I wish I had my camera I saw a few people dress up. Someone dressed up as the outfit that Peeta and Katniss wore as they ride on the chariots in the movie, the both wore black, but with red Christmas lights underneath. It was really creative. There was a guy there that looked like peeta and dressed up like Peeta, all the single girls( and not so single) were going crazy, until they realized he was with someone. There was a couple go as Johanna and Finnick, he did a really great job at it too. But it looked like the picture below.

The guy added fishnets.

The guy added fishnets.

I always enjoy when people dress up for the movies, it makes my day.


Seriously I will be talking about the movie. I held off talking about the movie because I don’t like talking about spoilers for people. At this rate though I can’t wait any longer. If you haven’t seen it yet, just stop reading from here on out.

I will be comparing the movie to the book of course. I will also compare it to the first movie (which I really enjoyed despite the shaky camera, that didn’t bother me as much as they left stuff out) and also how it ranks as a movie, if you haven’t read the books.

What I loved:

~Book Comparison~

  • Johanna- I felt the exact same reactions to her as I did to the book. I hated her when she was stripping in front of Peeta and messing with Katniss. But when she said to Katniss, make them pay for it, I loved her. My love/hate relationship happened in the book and when watching the movie.
  • The Announcement of the 75th Hunger Games Quarter Quell, excellent.
  •  Katniss’ reaction to it.
  • The Interview- it went beyond my expectations. I was so happy with all the victors, how they were saying goodbyes, expressed their anger at being there again, and of course the showing of the dress and seeing President’s Snows reaction. The people going nuts when Peeta said Katniss was pregnant and they were shouting for they didn’t want their victors to die.  Than when they held each others hands, they turned off the TV.
  • Katniss’ reaction to Peeta’s death moment.
  • The Jabbery Jays, they did an excellent job with the voices and how Katniss reacted to it. Same with Finnick.

~Not in the Books~

  • Snow’s granddaughter- I enjoyed seeing her. My favorite part with her was when she said when everyone was wearing their hair like that at school, just like Katniss’ hair. Snow’s expression was priceless.
  • Gale protects a district 12 citizen- they didn’t haven that in the book, but it was a very Gale thing if you have read the books and I could see him doing that.
  • Effie tells them they deserved more than this. They deserved to be happy. I was so glad I brought tissues for this movie.
  • The man who lusted and touched Katniss Everdeen– someone on tumblr mentioned this and I wish I knew who they were, but they made an excellent point. We learn in Mockinjay that Finnick basically was prostituted by the capital. If Katniss Everdeen didn’t have Peeta, she probably would have been prostituted too. The people who read the book saw this all because one man creepily touched Katniss.
  • Foreshadowing about what we learn about President Snow– we see blood flowing from his mouth into his champagne glass. For those that don’t know President Snow was poisoned at one point and it almost killed him. He still suffers from ulcers in his mouth, which bleed sometimes. The reason why he wears a rose that is specially perfumed to drown out the smell of blood that can come from his mouth. This is mentioned in Mockingjay.

What I hated:

~Book Comparison~

  • They left out the growing relationship between Peeta and Katniss- they had more time together. They had more inside jokes, humor, etc. They have more interactions that show us they are getting closer and that maybe Katniss does have feelings for Peeta. They only showed the idea of them sleeping together in bed one time. They wouldn’t have been doing anything, just sleeping because they both get nightmares and it would have continued to show they are getting closer.
  • The Pregnancy- it was mentioned for a second and never addressed again. In the book, it was brought up frequently. Peeta even asks Katniss if he did the right thing and was it okay. I loved that scene because it really showed Peeta’s concerns of doing something without Katniss knowing. They left out the intensity of that scene which upset me.

~Not in the Books~

a.k.a. what I hated most of all-

  • Kissing Gale & the love triangle that really isn’t emphasized in the movie- What the?  She didn’t kiss him that many times. Gale and Katniss kissed a total of 3 times in the movie. One time when Gale surprised Katniss,one time she kissed Gale while he was healing at their place after he got whipped. And before she leaves, wait that didn’t happen in the book.  Also her feelings toward Gale were more like, I may or may have had a crush on Gale, but that train and has come and gone. Why Hollywood!? Seriously, there was pointless, you only did this to suck in the Twilight crowd and the people that love , love triangles.

~Other things I enjoyed ~

  • I enjoyed seeing the costumes.
  • I enjoyed the setting that was used for the chariots to be seen, it was bigger than the last one and I just loved the style, seemed more Romanesque.

And the ending of the movie-

A lot of people have had issues with the ending of the movie. I knew it would end in some fashion like that (for I have read the book), but at the same time I just wish they had done something a little different, like when she is told that there is no District 12, it would have been awesome to have seen District 12 in ashes than you pan back to Katniss looking all determined and ready to kick butt.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. It ripped my heart and feelings out, stomped all over them, and burning them. I will have to wait a whole year before my heart and feelings can be repaired. This isn’t good by the way, since I will be seeing The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug soon.

This movie gets a 3.5 stars out of 5 because of the lack of Peeta and Katniss interaction and the love triangle was unnecessary.

3.5 star


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