Bullying on Twitter

Just today I came across this image on Facebook.


It all began on twitter, became big on Tumblr and off course found its way to Facebook. People of course responded to this girls rude ways, how she acted like a bully, her lack of knowledge of the English language and the obvious mistake of your and you’re.

Usually when these images comes up, there will be people that will head to that twitter account and leave messages for the individual who committed the crime. Crime of bring stupid, rude, mean, nasty, hateful, and or bully.

People, no. Just no. I have of course many times looked up the person who wrote that tweet to see if they have sought forgiveness ( if they were being racist, a bully, etc.) Most of the time what I discover is that:

  1. they are being attacked by others, verbally speaking
  2. their account has been suspended
  3. their account has been set to private

Rarely do I see:

  1. the user apologize to the person for being nasty and asking for forgiveness
  2. people not becoming a bully toward the individual

People there is a difference between standing up for someone and being a bully yourself.

(Can’t believe I’m making a list of differences by the way)

Defending someone on twitter:

  • That wasn’t nice
  • That was rude
  • Stop being so mean
  • Not cool
  • You’re rude
  • Stop being a bully
  • You should treat other people with respect
  • what did she/he do to you?
  • what gives you the right to act this way?
  • Why would you do that?
  • Stop acting like a jerk
  • stop acting like a bully
  • etc.

Being a bully on twitter:

  • You’re a B%$@#
  • You’re stupid
  • You’re a bastard
  • you’re a dumb ass
  • you’re a whore
  • you’re a slut
  • you’re stupid
  • you’re dumb
  • etc.

Do I really have to continue on this?

Once you start attacking the other person with comments from the second list, you are essentially stooping down to their level. Do you really want to be just like that person?

Now I am human, when I saw the “your, you’re” incident I honestly though this “wow, she is stupid” and when the eyebrow comment registered I thought, “wow, she is a stupid bully. that’s sad and funny”

I thought this. I’m not proud of thinking it. I went to that twitter account looking for the original post. She deleted it and was defending herself from all these people that were making fun of her lack of grammar and her bullying ways. In fact when I looked at her twitter account asking them to stop making fun of her, I realized and thought, those that go on there and make fun of her are acting just as bad as her.

I didn’t feel bad for her, just sad. Pity. She felt the sad and pathetic need to pick on someone because of their eyebrows of all things. Her grammar was atrocious and as a result it made her internet famous for a few minutes. She than gets a taste of her own medicine her account is then suspended and put on private.

So what did we learn here? That bullying is normal. That we can bully someone if they are stupid and they bully someone else. Sound wrong to you? Well, it should.

Yes, she was being mean. Yes, she was being a bully. And yes, she was ignorant. But how much does it reflect on us if we go after her and attack her by calling her stupid. You could just say that she was being mean and not make fun of her.

Here are the only things I posted. She had asked a question that unfortunately I cannot get an image of because they account is suspended or private. Twitter keeps telling me 2 things:





She asked, “Why is everyone suddenly being so mean to me. I responded with the first tweet ( which is at the bottom) she than says that she doesn’t like and it doesn’t make it right. And I respond as much as I could, before the account is suspended.


Start with the bottom tweet than continue reading upward. The photo is the first image you see in this post.

I did not attack her. Nor did I say how others were acting was right. Am I saying that others being rude and nasty to her is right? No. It doesn’t matter who you are, no one deserves to get bullied. As someone who was bullied for most of her life. I sympathize. Yes, part of me still wants to say karma is a ______. However, that’s not right. It’s not nice and shouldn’t we try to be the better person.

What kind of example are we setting when we are acting just like them?

Do I laugh when I see terrible grammar? Yes Do I use terrible grammar sometimes? Yes. Everyone does.

Do I laugh when I see someone saying something really stupid? No, I usually shake my head feeling irritated and I want to share the stupidity with my friends because I am in shock at how stupid people can be sometimes.

Do I go to their page and make fun of them to make them feel like a terrible person? No. It’s not right.

Have I had a perfect record of my twitter account? Probably not. I probably have been guilty at some point and said something nasty to someone or about someone. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying not to be like that.

Now, the next time you are online think of what you say, what you are typing, and how it will affect them and the side effects as a result of what you said.


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