Yes, Everyone knows you are Drunk.

ImageDisclaimer!! *I am not saying that drinking illegally (before the age of 21) is right and or moral. I am not encouraging you to drink or not drink on campus (especially if its supposed to be a dry campus). I claim no responsibility for your actions, if you are choosing to drink, you are making an adult decision and only you can deal with the consequences.  If you get caught by the police, end up in the hospital, or just do something really stupid. Not My fault. *

Now onto the Article-

Going back to campus after an awesome dinner at Mellow Mushroom I saw a group of kids all together. One guy who was flushed and a little sweaty was being held up by 2 girls, one arm around each girl (trying to make it look like he was a pimp daddy or something like that). The girls were giggling and the guy was talking nonsense. I’m pretty sure I overheard one of the girls saying, can’t believe we got away with it.

Technically you didn’t. I overheard later how people knew that the guy (they described him to a “T”) was drunk off his butt. It was so obvious, you could see it a mile away. I knew before he even spoke and he was slurring his words like crazy.

For those that have started drinking before they were 21 years old. Guess what guys, we know you are drunk. Why? Well more than likely we either were the ones holding our friends up or were the ones needing to be held up.

For those freshman that honestly have the intense desire to go nuts because they no longer live with your parents. I can kind of relate (even when I was a freshman, I didn’t have the complete urge to go bats#$t crazy.). Same time I will say this, if you are going to be making this adult decision. Don’t be stupid. Don’t get so blackout drunk you either have to go to the hospital or you are arrested, or both. It’s your choice what you want to do with your life but remember, Your Choices can Affect Others Too!

To men: don’t force yourself on woman, don’t rape them. In fact if they are drunk, don’t take advantage of them. I don’t care what if they are fully clothes or butt naked and in your lap doing whatever to you. Real man don’t take advantage of a woman when she is drunk.  Don’t Put pills in their drinks so you can have your way with her. If you are gay, same thing goes for you, but just don’t do this to a guy. If you see one a guy (or girl) doing this, stop it and protect that girl (or guy). I don’t care if he/she is your friend or frat brother. I don’t care. To sum it up, Don’t be an a$$, be a man. Real men don’t have to act this way.


Seriously I don’t care what excuse you have. Be a real Man!

To women: the above applies to you also girls, there are more cases of the above happening where girls are putting pills in guys and or girls drinks. Don’t do it. It’s not classy, its trashy. If a guy(or girl) offers you a drink, don’t take it. At all. I hate to say it but not all the men and women will follow my advice. Also find ways to protect yourself. Mace, self defense classes, your high heels. Keep on your guard. Be safe, be smart.

To sum it all up drinking is a choice, an adult choice. Your actions still count against you (even more so when you drink). Your actions can effect others when you drink. When you drink you accept the consequences and if you think you got away with drinking. You didn’t, everyone knew you were drunk.


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