I Apologize for Forgetting Benghazi

I feel awful. I went on about 9/11 and how everyone keeps forgetting about it and/or not caring.

However I forgot something terrible that also happened on September 11. Benghazi. And it was over a year ago.

For those that have not heard/ do not know. Benghazi is in Libya (which is in Africa), is the 2nd largest city in Libya, and in Benghazi over a year ago A U.S. Ambassador and 3 other Americans were killed at the consulate (7 Libyans were injured and 3 Americans were injured as well). This attack has led to a lot of angry Americans and questions. Conspiracy theorists are having a field day and the government really haven’t been handling it well.


Benghazi is the one circled. Here is a map to give you a visual.

Basically 125-150 gunman  (suspected terrorists, for they were wearing Islamic militant garb) attacked the consulate. Automatic weapons and rocket launchers (or weapons similar) were used.  They eventually set fire to the place.

Due to inadequate security (for Hillary Clinton signed a memo saying they could reduce security at the consulate) they had to call for reinforcements. They sent a call to Tripoli asking for help and it got cut off!

This assault took place during the night. The streets were sealed off with gun trucks to prevent people coming in and out. Even though they were supposedly attacking according to the President due to a movie that degrades the Islamic prophet, Mohammad (on a side note this sounds like rape culture- oh she wore that outfit, so she deserves to be attacked, therefore its her fault), and that supposedly there had been demonstrations outside of the office earlier. However people that had been there that day didn’t see any protesters. Not even security.

There is so much information about this attack, that it is honestly impossible for me to summarize it in one post. I encourage you the reader to look into and decide on the matter itself. Don’t just look into one source and decide your view point there. Look around, read, question. Personally I think the Administration has been doing a poor job of dealing with the issue.

It doesn’t matter what sparked this attack. The thing is it happened, not matter what excuse they are using, it doesn’t excuse them for attacking people by surprise in the middle of night. It doesn’t excuse the fact that they killed 4 people and injured so many others.

I’m sorry for not remembering your deaths that day. Forgive me.


Glen Doherty, Embassy Security Personal and Former Navy Seal


Tyrone S. Woods, Embassy Security Personal and Former Navy Seal


Sean Smith, Information Management Officer


John Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya









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