Today is 9/11

It’s 9/11. Not Patriot Day

I know this day is now know as Patriot Day throughout the country, but to me this will always be 9/11, because to me it was a day of terror, pain, and fear.

I lived in Rhode Island at the time. I was in class, social studies to be exact. I remember a student running into the class saying the towers were hit, we have been attacked.

As a Navy brat living in a state where there were lots of military families everywhere and I had a strong grasp of our nations history (although I’m sad to say I didn’t know what the towers were). Still though I knew 3 things:

  1. We have just been attacked
  2. People have died
  3. This will lead to war

I knew from hearing my parents talking, watching the news and listening to the kids in the neighborhood and school things were awful. There were many kids, families that I knew that were firefighters, military men, policemen, etc. Many went to New York. Many told their families their stories. We heard about them, you can’t forget those kinds of things.

My mother cried a lot, so did grandma. I felt numb and confused at the same time. I had a hard time understanding why someone would do this. America was to the me the land of opportunity. Many people, including my ancestors, have immigrated here for a better life. This is a country where everyone has a voice. It’s not perfect but it is better than most. Why did they do this?

All those images on the TV, all those stories, over the years the more I look back on that day the more I realize how truly awful that day was. It saddens me that people are starting to forget.

I remember when I moved down south 4-5 months later, how people didn’t seem as affected by it. They didn’t seem as upset as I did. I noticed it during the first Anniversary of the attacks and I have noticed it every year since. It’s like they don’t care because it didn’t touch them personally.

Every year I try to wear all black, sadly I live in a dorm and I don’t have a black shirt-I will be posting the outfit shortly that improvise what I will be wearing today.

But every year because I’m wearing black on this day and they notice its 9/11 I have been asked have I lost someone. I always say no. I can tell people are surprised. I know people are wondering Why am I mourning still?  Its been over 9, 10, 11 years?

I mourn every family who lost someone that day. I mourn every friend that is now gone. I mourn for all those that died while trying to save lives. I mourn because it was a great tragedy. It was not done by nature, it was done by man. To me the fact that men are capable of such acts, is also a thing to mourn.

I mourn where our country is at right now. I mourn my loss of innocence that day. For once my eyes were opened, I could never shut them again to the scar that day left on me. I cry as I type this, for this day makes me sad every year and it makes me sad that people just don’t seem to care anymore.

Million Muslim March

When I heard about this I was angry, extremely angry. It is honestly very tacky. Would we look at the Germans without a second glance if they have marched on Holocaust Remembrance Day? Or if the Japanese marched on Pearl Harbor Day? I understand that Muslims have dealt with backlash as a result of 9/11. Guess what this is not the day to talk about it. It’s not all about you! Today is about the people that died, that did not ask to die.

Here is a link linking to how many people died that day

As someone who has lived up north during that time you are not helping your cause and this won’t help gain sympathy. Thank God this is not being done in New York, that would have been really tacky. And let’s thank there were brave men and women on flight 93 who gave up their lives for if they hadn’t the White House would have been attacked and this march would even be more terrible than it already is at the present moment.

  • Is it right Muslims are treated with disrespect? No, of course not.
  • Should they be treated with respect? Yes, of course. All human beings should be treated with respect?
  • Is doing this march on 9/11 a good thing. NO! Not at all.

Honestly it’s counter productive. It gives those that are bigots more fuel for their fire of hate, those that aren’t bigots but are angry they are doing this on a day of mourning will be eyed with suspicion. It’s just not very well thought out overall.

Luckily Millions of Bikers are counteracting the protest. And they will honor those that died that day. Thankfully they remember what this day is about.


Please everyone don’t forget this day.I know what you may say, I want to forget I had family and friends that died? Or why can’t I forget I didn’t know anyone that died? It is still important that you remember. This day was awful. It was terrible. We can’t forget it. We can’t forget.


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