Scotland the ‘fraid

no freedom

Stockholm Syndrome at its worst. A spouse who is afraid of the consequences of leaving their abusive and neglectful spouse.

That is something we have just witnessed and William Wallace would be disappointed with all the Scots that voted no.

I was up late last night watching the election results for the vote for Scottish Independence. As time went on and I saw more and more votes for no, I paced back and forth in my living room baffled as to how a country could pass up an opportunity to be independent.

My boyfriend has Scottish heritage in him, and as someone who is has Irish Origin, you can imagine that we were both hoping for their independence.

While lying in bed trying to figure out why? Why would a country willingly allow this?

It took me a few hours when I came to my conclusion-Fear. Fear of change. Fear of unknown. Fear of the struggle that would come with being independent.

oh forget it

After all they would have to create a new government, a new currency, new laws, new policies, negotiate new treaties, etc. They would have to start from scratch and that is a scary thing.

The world as of right now is economically unhealthy and the idea of starting a new country is a daunting task.

There is also the matter that the countries are right next to each other. It would have been easier for Northern Ireland or countries that were further away to be able to break away, but when you are trying to divorce someone you have been living with for many years it can be a hard and scary thing to do.

It doesn’t help when major politicians from around the world come out against the idea of Scottish Independence. Wouldn’t you be concerned about the support you would receive once you became independent, especially even when the country that was famous for rebelling against England said it’s a bad idea (I’m looking at you Barack Obama). You wouldn’t feel reinsured; you would reconsider the matter.

Nor would it help when the Prime Minister gives a fear mongering speech saying fine we will respect your wishes and be really vindictive in the process. Emotionally understandable, but not the actions of mature individuals.

Than when celebrities weigh in on the matter like British Citizen living in Scotland J.K. Rowling who is against the separation or Scot Susan Boyle both who have benefited from the United Kingdom remaining United and would have faced problems had it became separated. Hearing celebrities say it’s a bad idea on top of the nation known from saying over 200 years ago “screw you England….”

There have been rumors that those that are Scottish citizens that were living in other parts of the UK (not Scotland) that were not allowed to take part I the Scottish election, even though non Scots in Scotland could. And same thing for Scottish citizens that were currently living in another country. I don’t have a confirmation of this, just what I have found out and heard from others. (This last one must be taken not as a fact, but more so as a keep this in mind, this is a possibility too.)


I realize now that the outcome shouldn’t be a total surprise.

At the end of the day, it is pretty amazing that a there was such a huge turnout for this voting process, sad though an opportunity was wasted. No one made history by choosing the easy and comfortable way out.

Either way I wish, I hope they will get what they want.

As for me, I would have to throw in a quote by famous American (that once loved the British with more vigor than thought possible) to convey my final thoughts on the matter.

Ben Franklin on Liberty and Security 05182009


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My Choice to Live at Home Over the Dorm


My Old Dorm Room

Last year I had a wonderful chance to live in 1436 with a wonderful roommate. I lived in the “Penthouse” of Morrill Hall with (mostly) other transfer students. I had a great RA, a less than great cafeteria, and out of the 3 elevators one of them would usually get stuck once a week.

Even though I’m glad to be living off campus this year, I will surely miss it.

I had a wonderful experience living on campus last year with an awesome roommate. I have also had terrible experiences of living with other people.

That is not the reason why I am not living on campus.

Not gonna lie to you, I was concerned about the idea of going from an awesome roommate to a horrible one. While that scared me, I still wanted to live on campus. It would have been convenient and easier that way.

Why am I living at home than?


It costs about $4,500 to live in a dorm and that is not including the required meal plan, which adds about $1,500 more (and that’s the lowest one too). That would make it a total of roughly $10,000-$11,000 each semester.

Thanks, but no thanks.

It won’t be easy, for one thing I don’t have a car. As a result my boyfriend will have to drive me to school everyday. I will have to make sure I have everything with me before I head to campus. Not to mention I can’t carry as much with me.

I do miss being able to just leave my dorm room, head on down to campus to all the various activities. I miss being able to sleep till an hour before class so I can just crawl out of bed, throw some clothes and makeup on, brush my teeth, grab my bags and head out to the door for class. I miss having constant access to a gym, and “free” activities on campus.

At the same time though, I love being able to go to a fridge and find it filled with food and not have to leave the building to get food. I enjoy not having to deal with lousy hall-mates who come back drunk from partying at night. I can still focus on sleeping and doing my homework without feeling pressured to socialize with my roommates or hall-mates (not that I mind, but studying comes first). I can still go the gym the time I am on campus and take advantage of the free fitness classes they offer for students.

Will I miss living on campus? Of course. Do I regret my decision to not live on campus?

Not one bit.


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Please, Stop the Music


While waiting in the waiting room for my appointment with my therapist, there were these two young women across from me.

After 5 minutes of talking about their messed up love life, where the guy was being disrespectful and not dealing with his issues. They started playing music really loud on their phones. No headphones, no consideration for those around them; just loud music.

I saw so many people sitting near them soon leave. Others were looking at them from across the room and shaking their heads. I didn’t leave myself because I put my headphones in to listen to my music.

If you find no problem with playing music loud in public without headphones: whether it is a coffee shop, a bookstore, etc. You are rude and inconsiderate.

Just because you want to listen to music doesn’t mean I want to or anyone else in the office wants to listen to music. Not everyone wants to listen to whatever genre of music you are listening to.

What makes this situation even more disrespectful is that this is a mental health clinic; therapy and rehabilitation focus. There are people coming in here dealing with issues ranging from anxiety to substance abuse withdrawal. As a result people could possibly be on the edge, people could have panic attacks, suffer from ultra sensitivity due to autism, etc. The list goes on. There were also children (ages 4-6 years old) around and some of the songs had graphic language in it. There was a teenage girl who was rubbing her temples as though she was dealing with a major headache/migraine, no doubt that loud music was not helping.

So for these two women no older than 40 to play music in a mental health clinic with young children was not only inconsiderate but irresponsible.

The biggest disappointment was that there were multiple receptionist that were working and they did nothing.

Could I have done and said something? Probably. I was actually thinking of talking to the receptionist and mention that I noticed others were uncomfortable with the loud music that they were playing. Right as I thought that though, they left.

Thank God they did.

So please if you are going to be playing music, put your headphones in. If you don’t have headphones, than don’t play music. Play a game on your phone instead, but keep the music from the game off.


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Medical Compensation Scam Calls


For the past 2 months I had been receiving random calls from numbers I had never seen before. After a month of ignoring them and the calls becoming more insistent. I looked up the phone numbers on the internet and many people have said it was a scammer (not surprised) but it had to do with medical compensation.

I answered and a man with a think Indian accent asked for me by name. I never said if it was me or not. I asked what he wanted. Right away he talks about medical compensation saying that I have $7800 owed to me by the US Department of Health.

I told the guy that I want my number taken off his call list. He seemed really irritated since I didn’t listen to his whole prepared speech.

Well ever since than I have received numerous phone calls all from different numbers and sometimes unknown.

Every time I pick up I get a man with a thick Indian accent saying the same thing over and over again. I usually just ask him to take my number off his call list.

After the recent phone call from today. I’m tired of asking.  I’m just going to start messing with these people.

How do I know it’s a Scam?

  1. HIPA Laws. This law is in place to make sure that our medical information stays confidential.
  2. Why Would they Contact me? The Government is not known for being forthright when it comes to giving money, so why would the Department of Health be contacting me about money they owe me. They are more likely to call me if I owe them money.
  3. The numbers change every single time or it’s from an unknown. If it was who they say they are their numbers wouldn’t keep changing.
  4. They wouldn’t keep getting angry at me for asking simple questions. I ask where they get the information? What medical procedure are they referring to? How did they get the number? How do they know that I am who they say I am? I could be using this persons number and not be really them?

Here are the numbers I have received so far. I will be keeping this updated..

  • (210) 215-6455 TX, USA
  • Uknown
  • No Caller ID
  • (972) 348-0245 Dallas, TX
  • (202) 407-9091 DC, USA

All have called multiple times, and this isn’t including all the insurance scammers that have been calling me.

If you have been recieving similar calls or the exact same, leave the number below so we can help others keep an eye out for this kind of thing.

What do I plan to do?

I plan on messing with them. I plan on wasting their time. Whether I’m just going to be my normal self, asking them questions to putting on different accents and drive them crazy.

I plan on doing that.


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front lawn

Going on the Record About #Ferguson

As an Independent Conservative, what is going on in Ferguson with how the cops are so militarized, the arresting of reporters, the media (normal)  not telling the full story, and the lack of response by the politicians is pissing me off.

I couldn’t tell you whether or not Mike Brown was guilty or innocent. I wasn’t there to witness it. What I can tell you, the excessive force of the police, the imposed curfews and the area looking like a war zone, is too orwellian and dystopian for my taste.

Yes, I know there has been looters and property has been destroyed, but there have also been people protesting peaceful. There also have been citizens (not the police) that have tried to stop the violence and destruction.

front lawn

Photo Credit

People have the right to protest peacefully. The government, the police, all civil servants have NO RIGHT to impose a curfew and to use excessive military force at peaceful protests. If they are really  causing destruction and looting arrest them. If they are just standing there holding signs, doing chants, and just spouting words.


I know many will disagree with me and agree with me.

Am I shocked it took forever for the media to report it? No, all mainstream (from CNN to Fox News) media has an agenda and of what goes on in the news doesn’t fit that agenda they either twist it to make it fit or ignore it.

Am I shocked that this is happening? No. Public Servants have been abusing power for FAR too long. From the President of the United States to our local police. From a President that goes on too many vacations while ignoring major issues to police that feel like they can go at 90 miles an hour for no good reason on the highway even though their sirens aren’t on and the lights aren’t flashing.

From the smallest abuse to the biggest, it has been going on for too damn long. I’m sick of it.

This isn’t about race. This isn’t right vs left.  This isn’t man vs women. This isn’t rich vs poor. This isn’t religion. This isn’t about money.This isn’t any of these things (although they can be included in there).

No, this is about our rights, vs people who don’t care that we have them.

We all have rights in this wonderful country. And NO ONE should take them away or ignore them.

That is what this is about!

If you think it won’t happen to you, think again. Check your history.


Originally posted this here, errors and all.


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#MediaBlackout & #Ferguson


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Last night I had trouble sleeping and stayed up till 4 in the morning looking through twitter and what was trending. I came across this hashtag and was like

So I looked into it and I was confused, surprised, and not surprised by what I read.

Many of the tweets were talking about Ferguson, That’s so Raven, and the media in general. For those that didn’t catch the memo or weren’t on twitter till 4 in the morning I will help fill you on.

People thought that Disney was using a Throwback Wednesday marathon episodes of That’s So Raven as a distraction from people being aware of what was going on in Ferguson, MO. The problem with this is that the throwback wednesday or whatever they call it has been going on for months now! Are people going to pay attention to TV Shows, celebrities over important issues in the news? Of course, that is nothing new, but I don’t think that was the intent of Disney in this case.

HOWEVER,  there is another issue at hand.

Whether or not you believe Mike Brown was innocent or not, people have a right to protest and people have a right to record and report the protest in the media. Last night I spent a lot of time looking up different videos on youtube that were related to the protest, some were from the perspectives of media pundits, but many were from people who were near/at the protest itself!

Before I continue though I want to get this out of the way.

Yes, I know looting and destruction of property occurred. Yes, I know people have a right to be angry. It doesn’t give people the right to destroy property (especially when it will affect the community more so than the police). I don’t know at what point but from what I have been reading online, there have been protesters fighting back or instigating fights (not really clear) by throwing molotov cocktails at the police and just not cooperating.

There were protesters who were trying to tell the looters and those causing destruction to stop it. That it was only making matters worse. It doesn’t help that there have been reports that supposedly police did not intervene when it came to the destruction and the looting in the Ferguson area, a building was even burnt down as a result of the destruction.

It doesn’t help that there also has been animosity between the police and the residents of Ferguson for a while.



Photo Credit

Either way, with some of the videos that I saw last night. I didn’t see anyone throwing molotov cocktails, no I saw a bunch of people in the street outside of a neighborhood. Far enough away from the cops. All they were doing was talking (granted there was some colorful language) and they were holding up signs. What shocked me was that they cops reacted to them being out at night when they weren’t being violent in an aggressive manner. Between blaring a siren so loud, to throwing tear gas (wearing tear gas masks on ahead of time), flash bombs, and shooting plastic bullets into the crowd. From watching multiple videos of the one protest from multiple points of view, looked like they weren’t going after the cops, just protesting. Let’s not also forget there were sniper rifles there and they were aiming them at the protesters who would put their hands in the air and kneel on the ground to show they mean no harmed. Not to mention they advanced onto the people into the neighborhoods and continued throwing and shooting stuff into the neighborhoods, no doubt causing damage and waking up the residents there- since this was taking place at night.

Out of all of this, the part that became the final straw for this whole ordeal was that reports were leaked out (and it was heard in multiple videos I watched) that not only was the media asked to turn off their cameras, reporters had been arrested for not complying with the police.

Know this:

You are allowed to record the police, they need to be aware, but you are allowed to record them. They record you from their squad cars, you have every right to record them!

This most of all outrages me. For they are trying to hide their actions and get away with it. I am not surprised by this. Politicians and major public leaders have been pulling this for years, but they do it through bribery and blackmail (if you think otherwise, that is VERY naive).

It doesn’t help that the police appear to be militarized and it just has an orwellian feel to it.


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Dear Zelda Williams,


Photo Credit

I want to say I am sorry.

I am sorry you lost your father to suicide. I am sorry that you have had to live through this in the eyes of the public. Most of all, I’m sorry there are imbeciles out there that were harassing you and making matters worse.

To learn that society is becoming increasingly asinine and honestly believe that posting (to be frank) shit like that is okay, disgusts me.

I know this is not the first time social media have responded to people like this on the internet. The internet seems to help people feel braver since they are behind a screen and are overall anonymous. For if people said most of this stuff in person they would probably get slapped or punched in the face. Others aren’t brave enough to say their asinine thoughts to another human being.

I hope that during this time the support from people who loved your father and appreciated his talent will outshine all the jerks and idiots that are trolling the internet as we speak.

I just hope you and your family are doing well. And remember, they are just jealous cause you got to have an awesome dad and you have an awesome name too.

Take care Zelda.


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